Blood Lust (Copyright)
Author: kmkraemer121

Chapter 17
What to do? What to do?

He was sitting up on a rock and was peering off the legde of the cliff. The sounds of waterfalls and birds chirping echoed through the cliff. His hands were gripping on the edges of the rock with a iron hold so strong that pieces of the old stone broke off and fell to the depths below.

"I need to tell her, the agony of keeping this from her is just too much of†a weight to bear... But how will she look at me afterwards? Will the love she has for me fade and be switched to disgust and hatred? I just cant live on without her being right by my side. He thought as he spent all of the night and some of the early morning debating both the advantages and consequences of revealing the biggest secret in the world. One that can ultimately break them up for good.

The splashing of water awoke him from his trance and caused him to turn around to investigate. Upon turning around, he spotted Kara swimming a few yards from him in the creek that they sought out as their campsite. It has been about two days since he found her in that horrible building and she has been doing much better. The places around her wrists where the shackles had made a deep impression, now are barely visible two centimeter scars. She has regained her strength and stamina, but there is still something that is bothering her.

He got up off of the old granite stone and knelt down by the creeks edge and just watched, completel taken back by her graceful figure going below the crystal waters. About a minute later she surfaced right next to him, her face had beads of water dripping off and her hair was shinning in the sun.

"Wanna swim?' She asked.

" No, Not right now sweetie." He told her.

"Aww. why not" She questioned while her face frowned with dissapointment.

"Because there is something that I need to confess to you. Something that has been weighing me down foe a long time and I am worried of how you will react." he said.

"Whatever it is you know that you can tell me, I wont judge you or think of you in a different way than I do now." She told him witha† bit of confidence.

"Okay, well dry yourself off and we will go for a walk." He told her as he stood up and gave her his hand and helped her out of the water.

"And then you will tell me?" She†asked him as she†picked up a towel and dried herself off with it.

"Yes and then I will tell you" He said as†they both walked hand in hand further into the woods.†


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