Behind Closed Doors
Author: Auty

Chapter 4
Too many questions

My stomach plummets as my teacher Miss Godwin holds out the board marker to me.
"Come on Leah, you can do this".
I stand up shakily and walk towards the board. I'm useless at maths. I'm useless at everything.
"I don't know it", I whisper.
Miss Godwin puts her hand on my shoulder making me flinch. There's still a bruise on there from last week.
"Take it slowly", she says.

After an agonizing ten minutes, I finally finish the sum and hurry back to my table. I trip over my own feet on the way and land with a thud on the carpet. A few kids laugh but it takes everything I have not to burst into tears. Too my horror I realize the bottom of my shirt has lifted up and I pull it down quickly hoping no-one has seen the bruise there from yesterday. I sit back down at my table and pray for the bell to ring for lunchtime.

At last it does and I'm about to rush out the door when I hear my name being called.
"Leah can I have a word?"
I turn round and see Miss Godwin looking at me.
Oh God, she saw the bruise.

I walk over to her desk and swallow hard before putting on a fake smile.
"Yes Miss?" I ask sounding a lot happier than I feel.
"Leah, I just wanted to have a quick word. Your not really yourself at the moment..."
When have I ever been, I think to myself.
..."And when you fell, I saw a mark on your leg and I just wondered... Leah is everything ok at home?"
I take a deep breath, "Everything is fine Miss. I'm just clumsy. As you saw when I fell over". I give a little laugh just to be on the safe side.
She sighs and then says, "Ok Leah, but I'm always hear if you want to talk to someone".
I nod and mutter a quick thank you before rushing off to the hall to get my school dinner.


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