Behind Closed Doors
Author: Auty

Chapter 1
Hide and seek

I hear the bang of the front door.
"Leah! Where the hell are you?"
I quiver in my hiding place, holding my breath.
"Leah! Get here, now!"
I know if I stay under my bed, he will find me soon enough and by then, he will be furious.
I ease out of my hiding place and tip toe towards the front room where I know he will be standing.
"There you are, you lazy little idiot. Well? Wheres my dinner then?"

I rush into the kitchen and shove a microwave meal in the microwave and grab a beer from the fridge. I have to be quick or I will be in for it.
The microwave pings and I peel off the plastic covering. A sharp smell of onion hits me like a bullet. I'm so hungry I could eat everything in the house. But of course, I don't. I'm only allowed to eat what Daddy doesn't eat. He doesn't want me wasting his food.

I bring the ready meal and the beer into the front room.
"What took you so long", he says sharply, grabbing the meal and shoveling it into his mouth. I watch him, it's torture. That's why he does it.
"You hungry?" he asks me bluntly.
I nod timidly.
"Good", he says, "Eat this".
Before I can react, I feel an explosion of pain in my mouth and I stagger backwards. He has punched me hard and I taste blood. My eyes sting but I can't cry. If I cry he will get angrier.
He gives a horrible laugh before tossing the remains of the meal on the floor.
"Clean that up or there will be trouble".

He stands up and walks out the room giving me a slap to the back of my neck. When I'm sure he is out of the way, I let out the tears and drop to the floor. Crying silently. I clear up the mess, eating the edible bits of chicken and a bit of source. My taste buds tingle and my tummy rumbles loudly.
"Shh", I beg silently. I don't want daddy to hear me.
"Leah!" I hear his voice shout.
Too late, he already has.


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