The Sapphire Stone
Author: Angie0808

Chapter 8
Meteamorph, Metea, and Protecters

Big Three gods-Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades

"Huh?" Jordan mutters. "What do you mean who am I? And why are you still out?"  I take a deep breath, trying not to be too annoyed. "Who are you?" I repeat. "I'm your bes-" Jordan starts, confused. "No, no, what I mean is, what are you? Are you a Meteamorph?" I ask. Jordan's face turns pale. "I thought so." I smile with triumph. "No," Jordan whispers. "I'm a Protecter. Why are you with a Meteamorph?" I hold my head high in the air. "You're a Meteamorph." I say. And I have no idea what a Protecter is. Jordan's eyebrows shoot ten miles up into the air. "Why are you with a Metea?" he asks. I look over at Leon. "I have no idea what you're talking about. And if you aren't going to give me some answers, then I might as well leave." I spin on my heel and start to leave, but Jordan's hand grabs onto my wrist. I narrow my eyes. "Let go." I command. Leon is at my side in an instant. "I believe the young lady said let go." he says, voice icy cold. I laugh nervously. "But I didn't say fight." I mumble weakly. "Did I say I was going to fight him" Leon asks. "Well, no...." I mumble. Jordan holds his hand up. "I didn't." he says fiercely.

Leon laughs, meanly. "Do you want to die?" he asks. Jordan doesn't answer. Instead, he starts to buzz with electricty. I can't quite make out what has happened. It was much too fast. But I do know that Leon and I have plopped down on the floor. I landed on my butt, so even though it hurts really badly, I'm not seriously hurt. Leon landed on his head, but amazingly, he gets up. " You are a Meteamorph!" I accuse. Jordan flings his hands into the air, in obvious annoyance. Leon nods at me. A signal to run. And I quickly obey. But I don't get very far, my butt is killing me. I feel like falling asleep. For the rest of my life. But, I force myself to keep going. And finally, my feet reach the forest and I break off into a run.

Leon joins me shortly. I eye him suspiciously. "What did you do?" I can hear no signs of Jordan following us, of anything. "I kicked him, and pucnched him." I gap at him. "And he went down." he shrugs. "Idiot." I mutter. I can't believe he beat up my best friend. Even if he is evil. Leon looks at me. "I hope I didn't hurt your feelings." he apologizes. I shrug. "Whatever." I say. I'm not supposed to care about Jordan anymore. We walk in silence for a long time. Since, no way can I run anymore. "So," I say nervously. I fiddle with my jacket zipper. "What is  a Meteamorph?" I ask. Leon groans. "I thought I already told you!" he sighs. I ignore him. "And also, what's a Metea? And Protecter?" I continue. Leon sighs again. "Well I suppose I didn't tell you everything." he sighs deeply. I nod. Leon sighs again. "Well," he begins. "A Meteamorph is not just one who morphs." he sighs for the millionth time. "They would be called Morphlings, if they could only morph. No, a Meteamorph is a demigod who morphs." I stare at him, uncomprehending. "A demigod." he repeats. I continue to stare. He groans. "Haven't you ever read Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief?" he asks. "Well, yeah." I mutter. "Yeah, so that's a demigod." he says.

I can feel my eyes tearing up. Leon's expression turns concerned. "What's wrong? Are you hurt?" he demands. Demigods exist. They're actually real. I remember a line from the book Lost Hero. "Monsters." I choke out. "I live in a world of monsters." Leon pats my back awkwardly, but it's reassuring. "It's okay." he says. I nod and wipe my embarrassing tears away with a fist. "But please," my voice wavers. "Continue." Leon looks at me warily, like he's afraid I'll start a waterfall if he continues. But he does. "Yeah, well, that's a Meteamorph. A Metea is like an Alpha. But being strong doesn't make Meteamorphs, Meteas." he pauses to look down at me. I nod. "It's because they have been bitten by a vampire, or a werewolf. The Alpha, werewolf/vampire." he looks at me again. "I don't dare speak, in fear that I might start again. "So of course, they then become incredibly strong and undefeatable." he nods smoothly to himself and continues. "The other reason they might be the Metea is because they are the children of the "Big Three" gods. So they are also incredibly powerful." I look at him. "But you still haven't told me what a Protecter is." Leon frowns. "Well, legend says that all Metea and Meteamorphs are evil and Protecters try to Protect the mortals Meteas try to include in their schemes." I nod, still slightly confused. "But, why are all Metea things bad?" I ask. "Well," Leon says uncertainly. "Legend also says, they are all after a blue sapphire stone, one that holds all the power in the world. However, it only appears to mortals." I nod again. "But how do you tell it apart from other sapphires?" I ask. "Well," Leon says. "It's surface glows dimly when you touch it."


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