The Sapphire Stone
Author: Angie0808

Chapter 6
You can't trust everybody, okay?

      I slouch back home, feeling lost. But I don't watch where I'm going. My feet take over, and lead me to the destination I really want to be. When I look up, I don't see a large, old, four-story, victorian, purple house, but instead, a small garden shack. And a tire swing. I feel my cheeks burst into flames. I swear, if Leon saw me here right now, I would die of embarrassment. I wondered where Leon went to school. As far as I knew, there was only one school in this area. But then again, I didn't know much not school related stuff. I wondered if Jordan knew Leon. After all, why else would he be mad? It was possible that Jordan and Leon disliked each other. Perhaps Jordan thought I might have been falling for him, and didn't want me to know him. Then again, Leon was new. I think. But then again, so was Jordan. I shake my head, remembering my many "GNO'S" with Melina, Christie, Jeanie, and Jayline. I turn around to leave, still shaking my head. But a voice stops me. "Where do you think you're going?" somebody asks. I whip my head around. Now it's dying time. I blush, and look down at my feet. "Umm....home?" I laugh nervously. Leon smiles. "I don't think so." he grins. I grin back before realizing he's not grinning. He's smirking, wickedly. His finger traces a circle on the fence. "Hello Charlotte." his voice laughs. Coldly. I take a step back, and almost fall, but I manage to catch my footing. "Well, I really should be going." I smile nervously. "Oh no," Leon smiles. "Stay." he grins. "Don't leave." A feel a shiver run up my back. Time to go go go get out of here. "No, really, I don't want to take advantage of your hospitality." I say. "You aren't." he says. I feel those horrible ugly salty drops of water starting to pinch my eyelids. Why did't I listen to Jordan. "Oh no Charlotte," Leon says. "I'm glad you didn't listen to me." I feel confused, and scared. "Don't be scared." Leon says. I take another step back. I can't believe what I'm seeing. Leon is changing. Literally changing. H-h-he-he, Leon was morphing. No, wait. Not Leon. Jordan. Jordan is morphing from Leon to himself. I feel like crying. And then I hear a voice behind me. I turn around and see Jordan. "Charlotte, I mean Charlie?" Jordan says. Then, the world turned black.
      "Charlie, wake up!" my mom says. "It's almost time to go!" "Coming Mommy!" young Charlie says. She grabs Mr.Tickles and follows her mother, father, and sister out the door. "Come on!" Katie says. "Let's go Charlie! Do you want to make us late for our flight?" Charlie shakes her head. "No." she replies. "Then come on!" Katie laughs. She grabs her younger sister's hand and leads her out the door. "Wait, Katie," Charlie says. "Do you think Housie will be okay?" she asks worridly. Katie takes Charlotte's hands. "Look me in the eye." she commands her sister. Charlie looks up into her sister's sea green eyes, sparkling in the sunlight. "Yes Katie?" she says. "Housie will be fine okay? I promise you. But you have to promise me not to worry anymore. Okay?" Charlie nods. "Good girl."  Charlie smiles. "If you girls don't want to come to Disneyland with us, we're okay with you staying here." Mommy calls. "No!" me and Katie yell. "Okay girls." Mommy smiles. We all pile into the car. Daddy drives off. We all scream and yell.
       "We're here!!!!!!!" Katie sings. "Yay!" I cry. Daddy takes our luggages. Me and Katie run ahead. But after a long time, I can't find anybody anymore. "Mommy? Daddy? Katie?" I yell. Nobody answers. I repeat myself. I can't find them. I start to get scared. "Am I lost?" I ask myself. "I think so." I reply. Then, I start to cry. I don't want to be lost. "Are you lost sweetie?" someone asks. I look up to see a big man with a big smile. I nod, wiping my nose. "Do you want me to help you find your Mommy?" he asks. I nod again. I reach up to take his hand. He leads me outside the airport door. And then he leads me to a car. It's not Mommy and Daddy's car. I start to get scared. "This isn't Mommy's car..." I protest. His eyes narrow.  "Of course it is." he says. I start to cry and wail. Suddenly the man falls down. Mommy appears behind him. SHe grabs my arm and pulls me away. When we reach the airport, she wraps me up in a hug. "Sorry Momma," I sniffle. "That man said he would help me." I cry. Mommy looks me in the eye. "Listen to me carefully," she says. "Not everybody who wants to be your friend or wants to help you is a good person." she says. "You can't trust everybody you meet okay?" I nod. "But's a secret okay? If Daddy finds out, he'll get mad at you." I nod again before walking off with Mommy.


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