Don't Tell Anyone We Kissed (Book 1) - COMPLETED
Author: Hatewish

Chapter 33
Bitch is back.




Ripped jean short-shorts, red and white striped long sleeve v-neck, black boots, and thick black eyeliner to hide my bloodshot puffy eyes. I combed and smoothed my hair a little, and I was ready to strangle anyone who gets in my way.

            But of course, I didn’t. I’m nice and sweet little Lexi, right?

            “Hi,” She smiled at me so sweetly. “Alexine, correct?”

            I stared at her like she was talking stupid. She was looking at me with so much enthusiasm that I wanted to puke at her. She sat in front of me in almost all my classes this year. I know her name—it was Thalia Meyers. She’s been on my class for like forever and during that forever she didn’t even bother talking to me, and now she’s saying ‘Hi’ like I was some kind of alien she just saw.

            1, 2, 3, 4... Then the bell rang, class will begin as soon as the teacher arrives. “Yeah, bye.” I muttered as I scanned through the pages of my notebook, not to review but to ignore a whore who looked more innocent than Claire—which means she’s meaner, and a new improved version of a bitch.

            I glanced at the empty seat next to me, Irvine didn’t come to class, and I heard that he was absent yesterday as well.

I dug inside my bag, looking for my phone. I had 3 new messages, 2 from Ethan, and 1 from an unknown number.

“Mom sed u left 4 school? R u alryt now?” Was his first text.

I scrolled down for the other text.  Meet u up aftr school, k? If by any chance u dnt feel wel jst txt me, il tke u hme. I luv u baby.”

I ignored Ethan’s text and read the last message, it said: Cud u com ovr 2nyt? Lil bro’s in a purtey bad mood. Sumtin came up, real shit. Irvine nids u, i gues. –cairo”

My heart skipped a beat, and I remembered what Jaycee said about me entertaining Irvine’s unrequited love. I tapped reply and said: Wat came up?

I reached for my pen and placed my phone on my lap, pretending to take notes as the teacher went over a few pointers for the upcoming final exam. When Cairo was taking too long to respond, I got back to being a good student and really paid attention to class.

After 40 horrible minutes of taking notes and listening to Ms.Trace, my phone vibrated and I immediately read the text. “Mums bck, damnit.

That was the only reply that I needed. “Be der aftr clas.” I texted him.


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