The Sapphire Stone
Author: Angie0808

Chapter 5

     "Oh, I didn't?" I ask. "Uh, I'm pretty sure you didn't...." he mumbles. I can feel my cheeks burn brighter and brighter. It feels like someone's lit a fire there. I take a step back, ready to run away. "But, you know, everyone makes mistakes." he shrugs. "Nobody makes as many mistakes as me." I blush. Like the garden shack and cookies. Oh and don't forget the sitting on a spider. And yelling for 911. "But um, thanks." I smile. He smiles shyly too. But his scar makes it look a little, well evil. Wait, scar? And considering that today is one of my idiot days....."Why do you have an evil looking scar on your face?" I wonder. "It makes you look evil when you smile." I say. Then blush. Because I just told him I thought his scar was evil. "Oh this guy?" Leon grins devilishly. "A car accident." he says. "Pretty bad huh?" he laughs. I nod. "Pretty evil looking too, huh?" he smirks. I blush like crazy. If there were prizes given out for blushing, I would have won first place today. "Scars are cool!" I protest. "I didn't say you're scar was evil, just scary!" I cry. He laughs aloud, showing off his glistening molars. "So you're saying my scar is evil and scary looking." he chuckles. "Um, no." I say. I can't believe how stupid I'm acting today. I just told him his scar was evil and scary twice, then denied it. He probably thinks I'm mental. Or stupid. I replay the name introducing, cookies, garden shack, and spider in my mind. I made such a fool out of myself today. I suddenly realize I want to go badly. I don't want to embarrass myself anymore. Perhaps I could come back when my brain was switched on. I take another step back. But I couldn't leave when he was in the middle of saying something. "So," he begins. "That stone you's pretty cool, could I check it out?" he asks. I don't like the tone of his voice, or his expression. "Umm, actually, I left it back in the forest." I stammer. He nods. We stand there like idiots for a few minutes. Or at least, I do. He stands like a god. "Well," he says in an uncomfortable tone. "My mom will be back soon so...." I nod quickly. "Um.....Bye!" I call before running away.
      I dart back to the forest. But I lied. The stone is safely tucked away in my front jeans pocket. I pat my pocket, to make sure it's still there. What did he want with this stone? I don't dare take it out, just in case he materializes out of thin air. Sure he's super cute and super nice, but I'm not taking any risks. I mean, who knows? For all I knew, it was possible that he was some supernatural force. I laughed quickly, surprised at how paranoid I had become. It's my day with Brad, that's why I'm so jumpy and full of mistakes. I start my path home, but not before bumping into someone. Expecting the worse, I think it's Brad. But it's not. It's just my buddy Jordan. "Hey, Jordan, why out so late?" I ask. "I could say the same thing about you!" he snaps. I recoil. I didn't expect for him to be so angry. "What's wrong?" I ask. Jordan would never act like this if there wasn't seriously wrong. "Huh?" he says. "Oh what do you mean what's wrong? Nothing's wrong!" Nothing! Don't you believe me?" "Sure I believe you!" I exclaim. But secretly, I think he's stalling. I've never seen him like this before. He always tells me what he's feeling straight out. "I'm serious!" he cries. See? "I know! I believe you!" I protest. He eyes me warily, but decided to let it go. He grabs both of my hands. "Do me a favour tonight." he says. "lock all the doors and don't come back out until school tomorrow." Then he drops my hands, leaving them swinging by my side. He turns and walks away, not even stopping to say bye. "Okay, well, um.....bye." I call out to him. But I doubt he can hear me. All I can see of him now if his retreating back. I slowly turn to leave.


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