Watching the Ripples Radiate.
Author: marshalg

Chapter 124
Eskimo's are O.K.


It's unfortunate that Parisians

Are very hard to bear,

In terms of flash obsequiousity,

They drive me to despair!

And patience is an attribute

I don't profess to have

To mercifully administer

When accents veer to Slav.


Baltics look like jellyfish,

The Germans are obscene

And loud and overbearing

But the Swiss are very clean.

Italians are a swarthy lot

Who gourmandize on food

And sacrifice their suavity

By being impudently crude.

The Spanish are no better,

In fact they are probably worse,

For obsessing in the blood sports

I actually rate them in reverse.


Starchiness is British

They're convoluted to the core,

The Old Boy system's lost it's sheen

Aspirants flock to it no more.

The Yanks are looking slightly crass

Whilst fighting foreign wars,

Their pinky held up squeaky clean

To call "foul" to China's flaws.

China sits inscrutably

Holding all the cards

Waiting for the moment

To strike beneath the guards.


India and Pakistan

Are squabbling like kids

The uproar over Kashmir

Rates them lower than the Yids.

The Yids are walking tightropes

With Iran's nuclear thrust,

Whilst currying Yank approval,

Eventual bombing is a must.

The Dutch behave so anally

They're always proven right

When faced with rigid negatives

They blanch with haunches tight.


But not the Argentineans

They love to dance and flirt,

To chase the senorita

Cavorting in the scarlet skirt.

The South Pacific's wallowing

They're adrift from World affairs

Oz's self preoccupation

Mirrors Kiwi's vacant stares.

Africa's way past comment

Lost to heat and dust,

Warfare, rape and pillage

And the rest decayed by rust.


Eskimos are OK

Clean living on the ice

The population static,

Zer-O pollution's nice!




Mangere Bridge

14 April 2009


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