Love me or Hate Me? (FINISHED)
Author: Justinbieberlover

Chapter 46

I walked until I heard a familiar voice near by. I turned and saw Kyle parking his car. "Oh my god, Isabelle! I thought something happened to you!"
He ran over to me and gave me a hug. I pushed him off and continued walking. "What did I do?"
"What did you do. Hmm, you invited that skank to the party, got him drunk and convinced him to sleep with her because you didn't want us together. I'm not stupid! I figured it out!"
"Its true?!" I took a deep breath. "What did she offer you that made you do this?"
"She had sex with me, she made me promise during, and how could I say no?"
"Simple! By doing it! You have no idea how much I love him. But now I have to leave, because I know he'll just repeat this pattern over and over again! You know how hard it is to love someone and know that that person will never feel the exact same way!?"
"Actually, yeah, I do." He put his hand on my cheek and kissed me. I pushed him off and punched him. I seem to do that a lot. Hmm...
"Never do that again!" I sighed. I couldn't fight it. "I need him in my life. A few weeks ago, I would have never said that. But I love him. I need him."
I turned around and began to walk back. Thank god I haven't been walking anymore than half an hour. "Do you at least want a ride?"
"No, I'm fine."
He sighed and walked back to his car. I picked up the speed and somehow made it back in fifteen minutes. But there was a hill and it was huge!
I took the elevator up to my floor and walked into the condo. I put my bags on by the door and quietly closed the door behind me. I took off my jacket and walked around, trying to make as little noise as possible.
"James... why?!"
"Candy, please. I don't need this anymore. I'm in love with her and you being here is just making it harder for me to tell her that."
"But I'm better than her!"
'"Honestly, you're not. You're just a whore, and thats why I can't ever love you like I love her. I'm not sorry either. I made a mistake being with you."
"But..." I heard something rip. "Look at them! You know they're better than hers. My boobs, my everything!"
"No it isn't. Now close your shirt. You know you make me sick. You made me lose the one thing that matters to me!" He punched the wall, I'm sure thats what that sound was. "I'm not going to lose anything else because of you. So just leave. I don't want anything from you anymore. We're done."
"Do you mean that?!"
"Yeah, I kinda do." I could hear the smile on his lips. "Lets go. I don't need you anymore."
They walked towards the door and I ran and hid behind the couch. They walked out and James came back in. He sighed and walked into the bathroom.
I snuck into the room and waited for him to come in. But he never did. He was in the living room the whole night. But why?
I walked over and saw him sleeping. He said something that made my heart do a flip, even though he was asleep. "I love you... Isabelle..."


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