Love me or Hate Me? (FINISHED)
Author: Justinbieberlover

Chapter 45

Kyle gave me a ride. We raced home as fast as we could. When we got there, the car was totaled and Isabelle was no where in sight. "Dammit!"
I ran up all the stairs and the condo was empty. Not a sign of her or her stuff. I looked in the room and saw a note on the bed.
I didn't see it ending like this. I was ready to really love you and you threw it all away. Don't bother looking for me. I'm talking my mom out of making us get married. You obviously don't want it, and I guess it was immature of me to want it.
Candy obviously means more to you then I do so I hope you're happy with her. You deserve the best and it clearly isn't me.
When my mom told me I was getting engaged, I was shocked and angry at the same time. I didn't want that. But then I got to know you and I was fine with it. But what you did was unforgivable. I always came back in the end, didn't I?
Well, not this time. By the time you read this I'll be long gone. You'll see me at school but thats it. All we'll ever be is classmates now, so I guess we're done.
I'll always love you, but I can't take you back.

I sighed and lied down. I finally did it. I pushed her to the point where I lost her.
The apartment door opened and Kyle's voice filled it. "James?"
"Over here." He walked into the room and stopped in the door way. "Whoa. Nice place."
"Yeah I guess."
How did I let this happen? I tried so hard to keep her with me and keep her happy, but I couldn't. And now she's gone. Long gone if I quote her letter.
"James, maybe she just wasn't the one." He sat next to me. "She was just one of many. You'll find Mrs. Right sooner or later." He smiled and I ignored him.
"Thanks for the ride. You can either go home or sleep on the couch."
"Nah. The rents want me home before one a.m."
"Oh. Okay. See you tomorrow then."
"Will do." He ran out the door and to his car. I showered and got back in the room. But I couldn't sleep. Something... no, someone was missing. The reason I could stay here, was gone.
Isabelle.... is gone.


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