Love me or Hate Me? (FINISHED)
Author: Justinbieberlover

Chapter 44

I parked the car and the moment I stepped out, another car hit mine. I dropped the phone and it shut off. I let out a sigh of relief but when I saw who hit the car, I was enraged. "What the hell, Elliot!"
"Well you punched me. I needed revenge. At least I didn't kill you." He smiled and I walked over to him and punched him... again! You fat fucker! It's not even my car!" I turned around and grabbed my phone. "Ugh! You are such an ass hole!"
I ran up the stairs and grabbed my suitcase. I made sure I had all my stuff and was ready to leave. I looked around and found a pen and pencil. I should at least let him have a proper good bye.
I didn't see it ending like this. I was ready to really love you and you threw it all away. Don't bother looking for me. I'm talking my mom out of making us get married. You obviously don't want it, and I guess it was immature of me to want it.
Candy obviously means more to you then I do so I hope you're happy with her. You deserve the best and it clearly isn't me.
When my mom told me I was getting engaged, I was shocked and angry at the same time. I didn't want that. But then I got to know you and I was fine with it. But what you did was unforgivable. I always came back in the end, didn't I?
Well, not this time. By the time you read this I'll be long gone. You'll see me at school but thats it. All we'll ever be is classmates now, so I guess we're done.
I'll always love you, but I can't take you back.
I put the letter on the bed and grabbed my suitcase. I took one step out and expected someone to clear their throat and make me come back in. But no one did. I took the elavator all the way down and stepped outside. I thought someone was going to grab my arm and make me stop. But that didn't happen either.
I wiped my eyes and walked down the block. It would take forever to walk home, but about half way there, I could stop and take a bus. It wouldn't be much longer after that. I could just go home and explain what happened. Then mom will let me go home and I would never have to hear or James again. Right?


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