Love me or Hate Me? (FINISHED)
Author: Justinbieberlover

Chapter 41

We were doing home work when my phone rang. We both looked at the caller ID and Is got a little angry. "Pick it up and put it on speaker."
"Is, its probably nothi-"
"Put the shit on speaker!"
I jumped and did as she said. "I told you not to call me. What do you want."
"To see my baby! Wheres the freak. Is she there?" I looked at Is and she nodded no.
"No, she went to see her mom. I'm picking her up later. But I still don't want you here."
"James, why are you doing this to yourself. You know you still want me and that virgin bitch has nothing on me. So... when can I come?"
Is growled and walked out the room. "I'm going to the balcony. Come get me when that fucker isn't on the phone."
I looked at her confused and she walked out. "Hello? James?"
"You're not coming. Ever. I don't want you here. Anything that happened between us was a mistake. And I want nothing to do with that mistake again."
"James, you know you don't mean that."
"I think... no, I know I mean that. I want nothing to do with you. And you're to hard headed to understand that! I don't want you. I'll never want you. So get it through your head. I want and have Isabelle. Get it through your head!" I hung up and turned off my phone. What in the hell was wrong with me a few weeks ago?
I sighed and walked over to the balcony. I saw her writing in something and she stopped when she saw me.
"How'd it go with her. Are you getting back with her?"
"What the hell? No!" I took a deep breath. "Look, I told her off. I want nothing to do with her and she can't get it through her head. I don't want you to feel that way okay? I'm not leaving you."
She nodded and continued writing. I sighed and walked inside.
About an hour passed and I turned my phone back on. I had a text from a friend of mine.
Kyle --> James
Yo! party tonite. wanna come?

James --> Kyle
only if da bby wants to come

Kyle --> James
Plz ask. you need to be here.

James --> Kyle
ii ill ask
I walked to the room and saw Is doing her work. I swear shes a work-a-holic. "Is." She ignored me. I looked closer and saw she had her iPod on. I smiled and walked over. She saw me and paused her song. "Want to go to a party tonight?"
"It's Monday and I have work to do." She adjusted her glasses and sighed. "Plus its not my scene."
"Pleeeease?" I put on a puppy face and she smiled and rolled her eyes. "I'll take that as a yes."
She took off her glasses and walked over to her suitcase. This would be interesting.
James --> Kyle
On the way.
Kyle --> James


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