Love me or Hate Me? (FINISHED)
Author: Justinbieberlover

Chapter 40

After watching Candy get what she had coming (for now), I began to write my essay.
Isabelle O'Day

The Girl In The Shadows
I sat back and watched as she got what she wanted. I lied back, timing everything, gathering everything. She sat back and relaxed, not realizing her down fall was being planned in that very moment.
He walked over to her, placed a kiss on her cheek and smiled. He was the one she wanted. She wanted to walk out the shadows and claim him as hers.
But she knew she couldn't.
The day dragged on and she hid in the shadows, watching. Just... watching.
"When you least expect it, you will be mine."
She smiled and her red eyes glowed. Her fangs came out and she licked them. Thinking what she would do to have him.
The following day, Saturday, he was alone. She snuck into his room and saw him unconcious. She smiled and felt her heart ache. He wasn't hers. But she could change that.
She walked over to his bed and looked at the vein running up his neck and the red in her eyes began to glisten. She bit down and he screamed.
His girl friend walked in and saw what was going on.
She jumped off him and jumped out the window. Returning to the shadows.
I sighed and the moment I did, the bell rang and class was over. I had been writing that long?
I placed my paper on the teachers desk and collected my absent work. It wasn't much, but enough to keep my busy.
James and I walked out the class and once we were in the parking lot, he pushed me against his car and looked in my eyes. "What's wrong."
"Nothing. Why?"
"You just seem.... out of it today."
"I'm fine. Really." I faked a smiled and he saw right through it. I sighed. "I'm just worried. What if this ring isn't enough to stop Candy?"
He rolled his eyes. "I wouldn't do that. She was just a one time thing. She's a whore. I don't want her. I want and have you."
I smiled. "Okay." He kissed me and my smile grew. "Lets get home. We have a lot of work."
He rolled his eyes but smiled and we drove to the condo.
When we got there, I walked up stairs and threw myself on the bed. Ugh! So much work. "Any way we could sleep together tonight?" I looked at James, "Not like that!" I laughed at his request and reaction.
"Yeah. We can."
He nodded and we got to work. About an hour into it, his phone rang, and when I looked at the caller ID, I snapped.


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