Love me or Hate Me? (FINISHED)
Author: Justinbieberlover

Chapter 38

The past couple of days, have been odd. I never expected James to be able to act like this. He's sweet, he's nice, he's funny (in a perverted kind of way) and he's just awesome. Nothing messed up the past few days but now we both have to deal with something.
He put on his regular jeans and t-shirt. I put on some skinny jeans, a Paramore t-shirt and a pair of black Vans. I wore my hair out, and I wore my contacts (forced to by James).
I was quiet most of the drive, and thought today was going to be the most awkward day ever. And boy was I right.
When James parked the car and we both stepped out, all eyes were on us. And I mean all eyes. Even the teachers were looking at us wierd. "James, I told you this was going to happen."
"Well they were going to figure out eventually. Why not now?"
"Because you're use to all this attention. I'm not." I held my bag tighter and he pulled me closer to him. "James, this is like social suicide for you. Are you going to risk that?"
"Do you really think I'm that shallow?"
I looked at him and sighed. I knew he wasn't. He smiled and laughed. "No one's going to say anything to you. Relax."
It's been six periods, we're in lunch, and I swear this has to be the worst day of the year. I mean, the boys were flirting, the girls were bitching about how lucky I am and how he's going to leave me for one of them and its annoying.
I mean, I couldn't go one period with out a teacher or student asking me how I was the past week and why were me and James both missing. I swear, I'm going to die before school is over.
But I ran into the lunch room and into James' arms. "Worse day ever."
"Well let me make it a little better." He placed his lips on mine and held my hand. I smiled. I heard girls whispering and I ignored it. When I pulled away, my face was glowing with a blush. "Better?"
"Much." I smiled and walked over to get my lunch. When we sat down, I got strange looks. I remembered that I don't usually sit here and hid back a little.
A girl with brown hair spoke up. "So this is your girl friend?"
"Nope." I looked at him confused and heard sighs of relief. "She's my fiance'."
All jaws dropped and all eyes were on me. "You're his what?!"
We all turned around and saw Candy's face fuming. The nice girl in me disappeared and I walked over to her. "Are you hard of hearing or just retarted?"
"He's not marrying you. I won't let him."
"But hmm, whats this?" I stuck out my hand and showed her the ring. "Oh wait, the wedding ring that you're not wearing." She glared and reached out to hit me, but I stopped her. "Did you not learn the first time? Or is that black eye you're trying to hide messing with your memory?"
She glared, and walked away. I looked at everyone at the table and they were still with their mouths agape. "What?"
"What? We thought you were quiet but... you fucked her up!"
I smiled and sat back down next to James. Maybe school won't be that bad. Maybe it will be.


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