Love me or Hate Me? (FINISHED)
Author: Justinbieberlover

Chapter 35

She told me how her father died and why she's petrafied of the rain. I never thought someone like her would have a problem like that. My mom just left because she was sick of my dad acting like an ass hole. But her dad... is gone. No one deserves that.
I fell asleep next to her and sighed and I realized morning came so early. But at least I get a fresh start with her. We both need this.
The alarm clock I didn't know we had went off and woke us both up. She sat up and looked at me, the ring on her hand, and got up. Okay that was weird. Did I miss something?
She walked into the bath room and closed the door behind her. She came back out and grabbed some clothes. Okay, this is going to be awkward but I want t- "James do you want to... shower... with me?"
I grew wide eyed, and her face turned a crimson red. I held back a laugh and nodded yes. She seemed taken back by my answer but walked into the bathroom.
After couting to thirty, the water started and she was in. I walked in and saw her back turned to me. He curves were getting hit by the water and- Oh my god. I can't shower with her. One, her body is awesome. Two, the hot water will... make things happen. And three, she'd see... that.
"Are you getting in?"
I looked at the room filling with steam and got undressed. This was going to be sooo awkward.
I stepped in and she turned to face me. I never looked away from her eyes even though she pretty much gave me a view of her body.
She looked at my lips and I felt the urge to kiss her. But I ignored it and just waited for her to do something. She leaned in and slowly wrapped her arms around my neck. I responded by wrapping my arms around her hips. She pulled me closed and sat down (shower had like a seat type of thing in it).
I never broke the kiss and I think she moaned once. I wouldn't have pulled away if I hadn't heard that over annoying, high pitched voice.


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