Love me or Hate Me? (FINISHED)
Author: Justinbieberlover

Chapter 34

I couldn't react. He asked me to marry me and told me he was in love with me. What do you do as a reaction? I'm not use to all of this. Why would a playboy pervert want a curly haired virgin?
I shook off the question and hugged him back. Of course the thunder went off and scared me half to death.
He didn't pull away or anything, just held me tighter.
I enjoyed the position but then a thought came into my mind. How do I know he's not over Candy? How do I know he's not lying just to mess with my heart again?
But only a portion of my mind believed that he would hurt me. I know he might like me, but love? Maybe.
More thunder and my eyes flew open and I saw nothing but darkness in the room. I closed my eyes, scared, and held on to him tighter. I don't care how it seemed, I have a reason to be afraid of rain.
"Sweetie, theres a lot of rain." My dad said. We were driving. I was five. We were driving back to my house from my grandma's. "But we can make it."
There was a crack of lightning and thunder and I clutched my teddy bear close to my chest. "I think we should stop Daddy. Go back to gwandma's."
"We'll be fine. I promise."
I nodded, not to sure. The rain got harder and the sky was dark and scary. The clouds were scary looking and I couldn't look at them. "Daddy, can we stop. Please?"
About twenty minutes passed and he kept complaining his chest hurt. "Dad, we have to stop!"
He didn't listen. "Daddy?" I looked at him and saw that he had his eyes closed. "Daddy?" I touched him and he was cold. I backed away. "Daddy? Daddy open your eyes. What's wrong!?"
The car was still moving, but no one was controlling it. I looked up and saw a bridge. We were going to crash and hit it. "Daddy! Stop the car!" I bent over and hit the brake, but half the car skidded off the brigde.
I slowly opened the door and pulled myself and my dad out the car. Then it fell, just as I got out. I sat in the rain for hours until a car stopped and saw me crying on my dead fathers body.
I've been afraid of rain ever since. At least heavy rain.
I let tears roll down my cheeks and thats when James pulled away. "What's wrong?"
I explained the story and he only held me tighter to his chest. "I'm so sorry."
I nodded and tried to get comfortable in his embrace. It worked. I looked at the ring on my finger and smiled. This was going to work out. But I know Candy's going to do something. I can tell.
I held him closer and lied down. Once again falling asleep.


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