Love me or Hate Me? (FINISHED)
Author: Justinbieberlover

Chapter 31

Okay, its been three hours and still no word from Is. I'm starting to think something happened to her, and I really don't want that. It's not like I'm mad. I'm beginning to believe that I really love. So I have to find her.
I pulled out my phone and tried to call again, but it went straight to voicmail.
Another hour passed and it was raining really hard now. If she got home, then its okay, but I don't know that she did and its killing me, thinking that she's in any danger.
I came to a stop light and saw a familiar figure on a park bench. Who would be sitting here in the freezing cold rain?
I looked closer, and saw that it was Isabelle. I parked the car and ran over to her. She was drenched from head to toe. "...Isabelle?"
She didn't look at me. She didn't even realize I was here. "Is?"
"... I..." She closed her eyes and fell back on the bench.
"Is? Is!" I ran over to her. Her body was cold and almost limp. "Dammit!" I picked her up and ran over to the car. I wrapped her in the blanket I conviently had in the back seat, and turned the heat on.
She was sleeping, nothing else, thank god for that.
I drove in silence. The only thing on my mind was the thought that she was safe. She can hate me all she wants. I don't care. But she's safe, and that's what I do care about.
The whole drive she slept and the rain got harder and harder. I sighed when we reached the condo. I parked in the parking lot and walked over to the elavator.
I carried her in the blanket until we got to the eighteenth floor and we were inside. I dried what I could and changed everything except her bra and underwear. She was now wearing a pair of loose sweats and a t-shirt. I gave her a pair of socks too, just incase.
I looked at her sleeping and sighed. What am I going to do if she keeps to kill herself like this? If she keeps running away from me, and running to other people... she won't care about me anymore.
Why do you care all of a sudden? You always thought of her as the goody goody bookworm and now you're like in love with her?
From everyone else's point of view, they would think I was lying. I thought I was lying, but I'm not trying to hide it anymore.
I ran my fingers through her damp hair and looked at her pale body. I sighed. "Isabelle... what have you done to me?"


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