Love me or Hate Me? (FINISHED)
Author: Justinbieberlover

Chapter 25

What the hell is she doing?! She knows damn well she's engaged and here she is flirting her ass off! Ooh is that jealousy? I ignored the voice and let anger take over.
I walked down to the pool and saw her laughing with him. Who the hell is he?
Wait! That's Elliot from school. What the hell would a senior want with a junior? Aside from the obvious I mean. I glared at him and he made eye contact with me. Something in his eyes gleamed and he grinned. I saw her smile, like she knew I was here. She looked in his eyes and placed a small kiss on his lips.
That's when I lost my temper  and walked over to them. I punched him dead in the face and picked her, and threw her over my shoulder. "Let me go, James!"
I glared but knew she couldn't see it. "James put me down!!"
I walked into the lobby and found my way to the elavator. Once we were in, I put her down and waited until we reached the eighteenth floor. Neither of us said anything but I could feel the tension circulating. "You know I had to do it."
"Shut up." Her voice was, once again, like ice. She sent me a look that held hate, resentment, but way behind that, almost barely there, lust.
"You know I didn't want to see tha-"
"I don't give two flying ships what you want!"
"You're not even going to curse me out?"
She let out a small growl and turned her back to me. "Now what? You're just going to ignore me?" Silence. "Really. You know how childish that is?"
"I don't care."
"I didn't do it to hurt you." And I really didn't. I don't want to admit it, but maybe I was... jealous. Maybe. Probably.
"Oh, you only did it to show me that I have no freedom?!"
"You have freedom!"
She turned back around and faced me. "I do? Throwing me over your shoulder and forcing me to leave the pool side is freedom?! You can make out with Candy when I'm home but I can't even go down to the pool and flirt a little?! How is that freedom!"
I glared at her and she glared back. Somehow we were getting closer to each other. But I knew better than to kiss her. She'll get pissed if I do that.
"I hate you James."
Then he pulled away, and the elavator door opened, letting her off. But I couldn't move. She said the one thing I didn't want her to ever say.
She hates me.


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