Love me or Hate Me? (FINISHED)
Author: Justinbieberlover

Chapter 21

**A few minutes earlier**
I opened my eyes to my phone ringing. I groaned and picked up without looking at the caller ID. "Hello?" The shower started so I'm guessing Isabelle is up.
"Open your door, James." Damn. It's Candy.
"Why? What do you want?"
"Just open the door and you'll see." I sighed and walked over to the door. Of course when I opened it, she was on the other side. "Hey. Miss me?"
I rolled my eyes and tried to close the door but she moved her foot in the doorway and stopped me. "Just hear me out, James."
I sighed. "Fine, go on the couch." She nodded and sat down. I walked over to her and saw that she was staring at my chest. I cleared my throat and spoke up. "How the hell did you know where I moved."
She smiled. "Some would say I memorized the way over here. Others would say I followed you." She grinned evilly. "You know I'd go through anything to find you."
I rolled my eyes. "You must not have understood me when I said I didn't want you here. I told you that clearly yestarday so..."
The water stopped and I heard Isabelle step out. "That your petite little girlfriend? Seriously James? Why lose something great for something good. I mean, it's no competition between her and I."
The door in the bathroom opened and before I could do anything, Candy forceably put her lips on mine. I heard her stop walking and walk in the direction of the room. She came back no more than five seconds latter and Candy pulled away.
I tried to glare at her but I caught Izzy's eyes and felt pain and anger all at once. I can see she felt the same thing. I mean, one phone call made her want to kill Candy, and now she's here. She will do it, I'm sure of it.
But she didn't. She just sent me a disappointed look, grabbed the keys, and walked out. "Yay! She's gone. Now, where were we, James?"
I growled at her and she just smiled. She opened her jacket and revealed her red lacey bra. Before, it would have been a turn on, but now itd just annoying. "Close your jacket and get out of my house."
"But James I-"
"You're leaving. Now!" She rolled her eyes and took the elavator down stairs.
I sighed and remembered Is took the keys. "Oh shit!" I grabbed a shirt and ran down the stairs.
Eventually I got there and saw her about to leave. I walked over to her and grabbed her arm. She turned around and I saw the one thing I didn't want to see anymore. The pain and hatred in her eyes. "What do you want James? Your slut get boring already?"
"Isabelle, it's not like that. She just showed up."
"So she just showed up and you just kissed her?" She rolled her eyes and pulled away. "I'm taking the car and I'm going home."
I took the keys from her and sighed. "No you're not." Candy stepped out of the elevator and smiled at me.
"Bye James." She looked at Isabelle. "Loser bitch."
"Slutty whore."
"Fat pig."
"Anorexic skank."
She laughed and walked out. I looked at Izzy and sighed, "Will you please come upstairs?"
"Why? Is there another girl up there?"
I nodded and she sighed. "What ever James." She walked up the stairs and ignored me the whole way up (damn eighteen floors is a lot of stairs!)
Once we got there, she grabbed a Gatorade out the fridge, an apple and walked to the room. Great.
Here we go again.


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