Love me or Hate Me? (FINISHED)
Author: Justinbieberlover

Chapter 20

I opened my eyes and felt tears still streaming down. "Damn. How much can one person cry?"
I looked at the clock and sighed. It was ten thrity. I slept more then twelve hours, which was wierd. I never do that. But whatever I guess. Not that big a deal.
I stood up and walked over to the door. Didn't I lock this? And where did I get that blanket? Did James do that? I ignored the never-gonna-happen thought and walked out of the room. I slowly walked over to the living room and saw him sleeping (uncomfortably) on the couch. Now I feel bad.
I sighed and turned around. I walked over to my suitcase and pulled out some shorts and a t-shirt (no to mention a bra and some underwear.) and walked to the bathroom. See through shower? Great.
I closed and locked the door and turned on the water. I need it to be really hot so I can relax. I got undressed and stepped in. The water felt great on my back. And I could feel myself relaxing a little more.
I closed my eyes and somehow ended up in a daydream.
"Is, you know you're all I'll ever love, right?"
I smiled. "I know James. I love you too. I can't believe how such a short time ago I thought I hated you." He kissed my hand, which had a ring on it. "And now theres going to be another part of you soon." I rubbed my stomach and smiled. "Isn't it great?"
He nodded. "I'm glad its you having my baby. Nothing would make me happier."
He kissed my lips and we lied down and-
I opened my eyes and took a deep breath. That will never happen. It can't! I thought back to earlier and got angry. We didn't use a condom, so you're stuck. Candy's words shot through me and I just wanted to rip her head off. She did that stupid move on purpose.
I tried to calm down but now every time I closed my eyes for more than five seconds, I'd see... and her. This is bad. I'm going to get just as obsessed as I use to be. And thats a rode I'm not going down again.
I washed up and got out the shower. I got dressed in my light blue bra and under wear set, a dark purple tight fitted t-shirt, and some knee length shorts. Some ankle socks and I walked out. A rush of cold air went past me and sent a chill down my spine. I smiled at the sensation and walked back to the room.
No one was in there so I closed the door and looked around for a hamper. I found it and put my clothes in it.
It was unusually cold in here. Where the hell is the thermostat? Its cold as hell in here! I wrapped myself in my blanket and lied back down. I grabbed my iPod (that I had no idea was next to me) and looked down the song list until I found what I was looking for. All I Ever Think About Is You by Chrissette Michelle.
The lyrics and the song altogether were something I could clearly relate to.
I closed my eyes, not to sleep, just to think. And about halfway through the song, the door opened, and a sleepy James walked in. "Um... hey Is."
I noddedmy head and turned around, so my back was to him. I paused the song, to see if he was doing anything. He just sighed and walked out. I pressed play and let the song repeat itself.
After about an hour, I got hungry and walked out the room, to find James making out with Candy. Okay, one I didn't want her in my house. Two, I didn't want her on my man. Oops, did I just say that?
But instead of ripping her head off, I walked back into the room, grabbed my sneakers, and walked back into the living room. They pulled apart and James exoression went from pissed off, to pained and apologetic. I rolled my eyes, trying to hide the pain and anger I felt, and walked out the door. He didn't try to follow, which surprised me. But what ever.
I walked over to the downstairs of the whole building. Right across the street, there was a cafe' and I was in some serious need of some caffiene. But of course, before I could get outside, someone grabbed my arm and made me stop. I turned around and saw, guess who.


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