Love me or Hate Me? (FINISHED)
Author: Justinbieberlover

Chapter 19

Dammit! Why did Candy have to call me? I'm not in the mood to talk to her. And did you see Izzy's reaction when she saw the number? She looked like she was ready to kill her.
I picked up and let out a sigh. "What do you want?"
"Not happy to hear from me? That's a first." You could literally hear the grin on her face. How was I ever attradted to this? "I figured you were done with your play toy maybe you could use a real woman now."
I rolled my eyes. "One, she's not a play toy. And two, I don't want you, so stop calling me. I want nothing to do with you anymore."
She laughed. "Oh please. You know damn well once you and your virgin are done and you pop her cherry, you'll want nothing from her."
I growled a little. "That's not me."
"Okay sure its not. And my name is Ashley. (hinting sarcasm ^.^) You're a player. You said so yourself. Players play and the only one who ever wins... is you."
I did say that. Wow, I sound like an ass hole. "What ever Candy. Just stop calling me and leave me alone." I closed the phone before she could say anything else.
I walked over to the bedroom and tried to softly open it. It was locked. Of course it was. I put my ear on the door and heard a muffled cry. I made her cry? How? I didn't even do anything! I sighed and waited for her crying to stop. And after about three hours, it did.
I had the key to the room so I could have walked in whenever. But she needed to let that out.
I walked back to the kitchen and grabbed the keys. I walked back and quietly opened the door. I looked at her and (oddly) felt my heart ache. She was holding a pillow close to her body and in a fetal position. "She... cried herself to sleep..." I'm such an ass hole.
I looked around for a blanket and put the first one I could find on her. She didn't move but I looked closer and she still had tears rolling down her cheeks. I sighed. "I'm so sorry, Is." I kissed her cheek and felt something go through me. I'm not falling for her am I? Dammit.
I walked out of the room and quietly closed the door behind me. I might as well take a shower, and go to sleep on the uh... couch.
I walked over to the bath room and looked at the shower. Now, we have a new problem. The shower is glass and see through. She won't shower if I'm home. And I don't really have anywhere to go. "Shit!" I sighed and got undressed.
I turned on the water and watched as the bathroom quickly got steamy and hot. I stepped in and felt relaxed the moment the water hit me.
It let me think. If I was falling for Isabelle, I guess that wouldn't be to bad. I mean, I already have a ring and we have to get married anyway. So, it would end up this would happen one way or another.
I sighed and turned the water a little hotter.
I washed up and quickly got out. I put on my boxers, and some basket ball shorts. I didn't need a shirt.
I wrapped a towel around my neck to stop my dripping wet hair from ruining the floor (wierd that I care right?). I walked out and felt a rush of cold air come my way but ignored it. I walked to the closet and grabbed another blanket. I made my way to the living room and moved a bunch of the pillows to the floor. Why are there so many anyway?
I ignored the pointless question and lied down. But there was only one thing on my mind and I didn't know why. Isabelle...


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