Love me or Hate Me? (FINISHED)
Author: Justinbieberlover

Chapter 17

"So let me get this straight. She and I are suppose to be in a house. Alone. For how long?" I crossed my arms and could feel the joy and anger buiiding up. "And we can't have friends over? What the fu- I mean, hell! What the hell!?"
Her mom spoke up. "You guys are young. And since you're getting married, I assumed you wanted privacy. So, we bought you a huge condo. Nothing special, something I'm use to. So no parties and everythi-"
"But I don't want to live with him, mom! I can barely tolerate him, let alone live with him. Are you trying to kill me or something?" I looked at Isabelle amused. That's not what she was saying when she kissed me and almost wanted to kill Carol... or Candy. Whatever her name was."Mom I'm begging you. Please."
"You're stuff is already over there. I paid for a years rent, and like I said. You're stuff is already there so you have to go. You'll be fine. He won't try anything."
She looked about ready to explode. She turned to my father. "Mr. Smith please. I don't want to live with him. Not with his reputation. Please."
She did not just bring up my rep. Oh shit. "What reputation, Is?" Her mom glared at me and I sighed.
"He's a player mom. He's just the type to hit and quit. I don't care for it. I'm not living with him." She ran up the stairs and slammed her door. Not before I heard a muffled What the hell?! come from her direction.
I looked at her mom and my dad and sighed. "Why the hell would you do this? She never even agreed to marry me and now you're making us move in? You didn't eveb check if this was okay with us firs-"
Her mom glared at me. If looks could kill, I'd be dead, "Now listen to me. I don't care about your reputation. You will not ruin this chance for our business' to lose money becuse you're looking for an easy fuck." My dad just smiled. He is being soo helpful.  "So you will move in and you marry each other. I don't care what you have to do. You're going to marry her and you will make little babie-"
"What the fuck? I am not having a baby with her. I'm not having any babies with anyone!" I turned around and took a breath. "Give me the damn adress." She handed me the keys and a paper and I walked upstairs to Izzy's room. I opened it and grabbed her arm. "Lets go."
"What the hell? Let me go!" I picked her up and threw her over my shoulder. She didn't even bother to put up a fight. I walked down the stairs and right out the door, not even with a good bye.
I placed her in the car and she just crossed her arms. "You know I could have walked."
"I know that. But you didn't. So stop complaining. Your mother from hell already gave me a head ache."
She grinned a little and looked out the window of the black Ferrari 599 GTO. "I call the couch. I'm not sleeping in the same bed with you."
I laughed. "Scared I might do something?"
"I'm not scared that you might do something. I'm concerned that you will do something." She rolled down the window and let the wind go through her hair. She is really pretty, but I'm not marrying her. It's not happening. "How old are you anyway?"
"Eighteen. You?"
"Seventeen. And your dog. He's not coming too, is he?"
"Hell yeah he's coming." She groaned and put her iPod in her ears. I took that as my opprotunity to turn on the radio and listen to Single by Lil Wayne.
About two hours later, we were at the condo. I stepped out the car and we walked up the stairs all the way to the top floor (which was eighteen floors).
I opened the door and my jaw dropped. "Oh hell no." Isabelle almost fainted again but if she did, she would fall down some stairs so I had to catch her. "No more fainting please?"
She nodded and walked over to the all white couch. She sat down and sighed. Well, this is going to be interesting.


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