Love me or Hate Me? (FINISHED)
Author: Justinbieberlover

Chapter 16

The anger inside me was at it's boiling point right now and I think if one more person bothers me, I'm going to have a mini freak out. I punched that boy (whose name I do not know -_-) and almost punched James. But you have no idea how much I wanted to. It wasn't jealousy I was feeling, it was hate. Pure hate and anger.
I was just shooting the ball into the hoop when I felt my pocket vibrating. Thank god I put my phone on vibrate or I would have never known it was ringing.
I looked at the number and sighed. I took one breath and picked up. "Hey mom."
"Hey sweetie." Okay, eww. She sounded out of breath. "We have a new surprise for you. Come home around eight so you can pack... I mean... come see."
"What do you mean pack?"
"Can't hear you. You're uh.... breaking up." The phone line went dead. "Dammit mom!"
I threw the ball in the basket and made it in, even though I was way on the three point line. "Nice shot, Izzy."
"Stop calling me that already!"
"Well, I see you're not in the mood. I'll go."
I turned around and saw Chase, also known as my biggest crush at school, walking away. "Wait! I didn't mean to yell at you! It, um... slipped out."
He turned back aorund and smiled. He had perfect white teeth, blue eyes, and the curliest short brown hair ever. He kind of look like Damien from the House Of Night series
"Well, what's got you so pissed off?"
I couldn't tell him that my mom got me an arranged marriage. I just couldn't. "Just some stuff at home."
"Well, do you want to talk about it over a smoothie later?"
I smiled but it quickly fell. He never talked to me at school and now I decide to wear regular fitting clothes and now I'm just oh-so-talkable.
I was just about answer when James walked over. Please don't let him say anything. PLEASE don't let him say anything! "She's not going anywhere with you."
Chase turned his attention to James and glared. "Well look, it's the man whore himself. Come for her next?"
What the hell? I'm right here! "No, but she's taken. And I know your rep. She's not going anywhere with you."
His rep? What was James talking about? "Sike. She clearly likes me more than you. So, whether she's taken or not, she's coming with me. Who ever her boyfriend is, needs to keep a better watch on her."
"Excuse me?!" I looked at him in shock and disgust all at the same time. "He's right. I'm not going anywhere with you. You're talking about me like I'm just another whore for you to have fun with. Well guess what, I'm not. So fuck off."
He rolled his eyes and walked off. Okay, he is no longer Damien He's more of an evil Eric.
"Thanks for not letting me say yes."
"No problem."
I looked at my phone and saw it was already seven. Have I really been here and hour? "We have to get back. They said they have a surprise for us."
"Another one?"
"Yeah. Great isn't it."
I walked inside the house and waited. "Mom! You here?"
"In the living room sweetie." We walked over and saw my mom and James' dad with a huge grin on their face. "We have great news!"
"Well, we made a few calls, ordered a few things, and.." She took a pause and took out a pair of keys. Oh no. "You guys are getting your own house!"
"Please tell me you're joking!"
"Nope. You're stuff is already there. You were gone for about two hours. And that was all the time we needed. Here are the keys, and the adress." She looked at James. "You better use protection with my baby."
We were both in shock for either of us to react. I'm moving in with him?! Oh. My. God! Can this day get any worse?! "Oh, and you're not having anyone over. It's just you two." Great. Just effing great.


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