Love me or Hate Me? (FINISHED)
Author: Justinbieberlover

Chapter 15

So, she's jealous of Candy? She likes me now. I mean, I knew it was only a matter of time but everything she said was like... a big surprise to me. I never expected any of that from her. But I guess she is full of surprises.
We finally made it to the park, her iPod sitll blaring, but a song I recognized. It was that song Airplanes. "So I see you like rock music."
She turned down the volume and took out one of the head phones. "So I see that you have low standards." You could clearly hear the anger in her voice. Why was she mad? Is she really that jealous?
"What are you talking about?"
"Oh, because the whole sex without a condom thing was just an accident right?" So that's what was bothering her. "I know Candy. She'll always be a whore. And she always gets what she wants. I'm sure she wants you. And if she's pregnant, she'll keep that baby to be with you."
She put the head phone back in her ears and walked over the (surprisingly almost empty) basket ball court. There were a few boys from school there and when they saw her, you could totally see they were getting turned on. One boy, the shortest, Jackson, looked her up and down. "I wonder who's hitting that. She's hella sexy."
The other boys stopped playing and looked at her. In unison, they shouted, "Hell yeah. She's sexy as fuck."
I could feel the anger in me building up in me. The oldest one, Curtis, walked over to her. She took out one her head phones and looked at him. I could hear her clearly. "What do you want."
"Well, other than your fine ass in my room, not much."
I growled, but listened. "Well go fuck yourself and get out of my face."
"Not happening, baby." He grabbed her arm, and she snapped. She punched him in the face so hard, that I heard the cracking noise it made all the way over here. And I was a good fifteen feet away fro her.
"Don't touch me again or your nose won't be the only thing broken." She looked at his crotch and laughed. "Got it?"
He couldn't answer. He was still in shock.
I walked over and put my hand on her shoulder. She turned around and threw another punch, but I caught her hand before it touched my face. "Whoa, calm down."
She looked at me and put the head phone right back in her ear. I sighed. She isn't going to forgive me any time soon.


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