Love me or Hate Me? (FINISHED)
Author: Justinbieberlover

Chapter 13

We walked down the stairs and saw our parents talking. Isabelle walked over to them and her aura just completely changed. "Mom, may I go to the park with James? I'll be back within the curfew and I promise, no funny business."
Wow, she is one hell of an actress. "Go ahead sweetie. Be back before midnight."
She nodded and I stood there in awe. A midnight curfew?! "Thank you. It was nice meeting you sir." She walked over to my father and shook his hand. "You have a firm grip. Very professional I see."
She smiled and my fathers face lit up. Oh god. This girl is going to be such a suck up.
"Well, I should get going before it gets to dark." Her mom nodded and i followed her out the door. She took out her hair and let the wind blow through it. "Thank god that's over with. Any more acting and I would've gotten a head ache." After letting more wind in her hair, she tied it back up and began walking towards the park. Before I could say anything, she put her head phones on and she started blasting some Paramore song. All I could here was... How did we get here, when I use to know you so well.... How did we get here, well I think I no...
I've never heard it before but I think it was in the Twilight movie.
We continued walking and I realized the eventually, we were going to have to cross the street. I looked at her and couldn't help but realize that she has an amazing body. I mean, I've already seen it (_;p_) but still, she's in great physical shape.
"Izzy, we have to cross."
She couldn't hear me or she was ignoring me. Probably both.
She looked up for a split second and looked at me. I caught one look at her eyes and felt something I never bothered to before. Anguish.
She looked right back down and began to cross the street. I looked up the street and saw a car moving really fast up the street and was heading right through a red light, and towards Izzy.
"Izzy!" She didn't hear me. I ran over to her and pulled her out of the way right before the car hit her. I fell to the ground and she was on top of me. "You idiot! Watch where you're going next time! You could've gotten hurt."
She looked me in the eyes and I felt something... weird..... "Um... why is your hand on my..."
Before I could finish my sentence, she did something I never thought she would. She kissed me.
Before anything else could happen... "Get off my boyfriend you loser bitch!"


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