Love me or Hate Me? (FINISHED)
Author: Justinbieberlover

Chapter 11

Dear Diary,
 Mom is acting so strange lately. Like she's hiding something from me. Not that that's anything new. She's always trying to tell me, "You're going to love it if you give it a try." But why try if I already know I won't like?
 Aside from the home problems, there's something else... more like someone else. He's arrogant, he's a total ass hole, and he's a player. All the girls at school are all over him and I can't stand it. His name is James.
 He thinks just because he's a total hottie that he can do whatever he wants, which I can't stand. He's... different... Wait! Why am I talking about him?

Half of my heart

Half of my heart takes time,half of my heart wants to hold u and love u bt half of my heart runs and hide afraid to take a chance.Lonely was the only thing i felt till u cam bt half of my heart could never be free half of my heart was traped in a chamber bt half my heart wants to be loved bt half of my heart runs and hide scared and afraid to be hurt.Half of my heart wants to be everythin u wanted bt half of my heart is confused.half my heart was made to believe it will love no body else half of my heart was made to believe no one will love it,half of my heart was part of somone who truly didnt love anythin.I was tryin my best to understand all tht ur love can bring.I made a plan, stay the person who can only love thereself.Your faith is so strogn bt i can only go for so long.I knw in the long run u will hate tht i never gave more to u thn half of my heart.Half of my heart wants to dance and be happy bt half of my heart doesnt hav u.Half of my heart knew this would happen bt half of my heart really cared for u.I had to let u go cuz i didnt want to feel no more i didnt want to feel this guilt tht i was takin u from somone who deserved u more thn i did.If only u knew the truth if only i didnt hide or lied maybe u would believe me.Half of my heart's got a right mind to tell u tht half of my heart wont do.I tired analyze everything every situation to find an answer to my relationships.Beginnin' to worry and doubt if I'm even able to detect he's the one shine his light on my heart and help me ease the pain
Cause I'm getting tired.Falling on my heartbreak and I get my hopes up when I'm in love until we break up then I'm back to the same spot.Half of my heart seems it cant love with out doubt keep thinking im not ment for thm.Half of my heart been through just about everything that it could go through when it comes to relationships don't know what I was missing or why I ain't listen when I told myself that was it now here I go, hurt again cause of my curiosity.Half of my heart wanted to see if u were the one and u were bt not for me for somone else it seems half of my heart cant give the love u desire.Half of my heart thinks its a shame in a way cause
I feel that I may not ever find the right one for me did I leave him, is he right in front of my face or will my true love ever be? why would I go on a search again when I know what the end will be what good is love when it keeps on hurting me?Is it me? am I so complicated?
is it me? or is love over-rated? is it me? cause I don't quite understand
why it never turns out how I thought I planned it is it me? am I too independent? it's the only question that I never asked maybe i'm longin' for it more than I should be expecting.Half of my heart is happy for u half or my heart realized ur more happier thn whn u were with me.Half of my heart seems to see tht maybe it is me.Half of my heart has never felt so hurt and missin somone this long.So half of my heart let u go cuz lik they say if u love somthin let it go and if it coms bak thn thts how u knw bt it seems we werent ment cuz u left as easy as u cam. bt all i can say is half of my heart is all i can give till its fix again.


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