Love me or Hate Me? (FINISHED)
Author: Justinbieberlover

Chapter 10


Wow, she's so easy to trick. I could mess with her again but... I don't want to waste my tricks on her. At least not yet.
She's going to wake up pretty soon. I should get dressed... on the other hand....
I pulled on my jeans, and my shirt. I walked over to her dresser and looked through all the drawers. The first one, (the top one) had her underwear (which I'd love to see her in) and her socks.
The second one had her shirts (but not her goody goody shirts, these were all like band t-shirts, v-necks, everything she doesn't wear to school pretty much).
The third was jeans. Lots of skinny jeans I see. Why the hell doesn't she wear this stuff to school?
I finally reached the bottom drawer and found her pajamas. She had shorts and pants on one side, and t-shirts on the other. I could dress her in some booty shorts and a tank top, but I'll save that for another day.
I pulled out a pair of black lounge pants (like really, really loose pants) and a white v-neck... but it didn't show a lot.
I looked at her... yup, she was unconscious. I picked her up and brought her over to the bed. First I put on her shirt, then her pants. It was easy considering she wasn't moving around a lot.
But now that that's done, I need something to do. I'm not going to bother her again. Not yet... I looked around and saw a computer. Maybe she had some personal stuff in there...
I walked over to it and sat down in the chair. I moved the cursor to her documents and clicked. I saw different folders then the ones I have. She had: pictures, music, videos. And that was fine. But then I saw : Poems, stories.... jackpot. She has diary entries.
I clicked it and saw 12 folders, each labeled a month. And since it's January, I might as well start there.
I clicked it and saw thirteen documents (probably a daily thing). Might as well start with yesterday.


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