Love me or Hate Me? (FINISHED)
Author: Justinbieberlover

Chapter 9


"Sw-sw-sw-sw-sweety?!" I jumped out of the bed and realized that I was only in my underwear. What the hell happened? "Get out of my bed you pervert!"
"But sweetheart, why? I am your husband after all."
I looked at him and almost fainted. But that's what happened last time and now look. "You're not my husband now get out my bed!"
"Izzy, if we're not married than why are you wearing our ring?"
Why what? I looked at my finger and there it was. The wedding ring he used to propose to me. "When did that..." I sighed and sat down on the floor. "When did we get married and why the hell didn't anyone tell me? I don't want to be married to you."
"That's not what you said on our honey moon."
My jaw dropped and I sat up. "How long have we been married?!"
"About..." He paused to think. "Two and a half months. And I've loved every second of it. I have such a beautiful wife and you're carrying my babie-"
"I'M WHAT?!"  I stood up and ran over to the mirror. I did look a little fatter. Oh my god, I'm married to a freaking playboy watching, stripping, man whore!
"Are you okay, darling?"
He called me darling?! "James, when was the last time you had sex?"
"Last night with you... And I loved it."
We had sex l-last night? And we're married? Oh god. "I..." Great. I fainted. Again.


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