Love me or Hate Me? (FINISHED)
Author: Justinbieberlover

Chapter 8


Wow. She fainted. She really fainted.
I couldn't help but want to crack up but dad gave me the death stare, so I knew not to. Her mom didn't even do anything. She just smiled and giggled a little. "She tends to do that a lot when she's nervous. Just carry her up to her room. Change her into some pajamas or something. You can get to know her when she wakes up."
My eyes were probably huge right now. I mean, I'm surprised. Who's mom would let me undress their daughter and stay upstairs alone with her. "Um, okay. Sure."
"James, don't do anything stupid, okay?"
I picked her up and laughed. "Stupid is my middle name."
**In her room**
I put her on the bed and stopped to think. She already hates me, and if I try to undress her, she'll hate me even more. That might make our parents see we're not compatible. And there we go. No more arranged marriage.
I took off her shoes first, then her socks. Wow she has pretty feet. And I don't say that about anyone. Next off was her shirt. And when I took it off, my jaw dropped. She has an eight pack? Isabelle?! I unbuttoned her pants and slowly slid them down. But I was still wondering one thing... Why hadn't she woken up yet?
Now that she was in just her bra and underwear, I took off her glasses. She was totally hot, if she didn't dress like a nerd, I'd... Whoa there, you guys are engaged.
i don't care. That gives me all the more reason to have a right to do this.
I looked at her and smirked. I literally have her unconscious and I didn't have to get her drunk to do so. i should play a little prank on her.
I slid the ring on her finger and and turned off the lights. She had some candles on her night stand so I lit them and brought them over to her bed. I got down to my underwear and got in the bed next to her. Then, I shook her lightly and waited for her to wake up.
She did and she looked at me, scared. "Hey honey." I kissed her hand and she just stared. This was going to be good.


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