Love me or Hate Me? (FINISHED)
Author: Justinbieberlover

Chapter 7


Okay. I admit, I'm not one to use curse words like that. But he really irritates. I mean really? How can that demon cost more than me? Okay, I know it's a stupid reason to get all pissed off but him and I don't really get along. He's at the top of the social latter and I'm at the bottom.
We've run into a few times before and none of those were good times. He knows it was me and he just  loves to piss me off. One time he grabbed my butt, the next, he slammed me into my locker, another he tried to kiss me, the list goes on. He's really just an all around ass hole!
It was time for dinner now. My mom insisted that James and I sit together, which he had no problem with. He seemed to be trying to flirt with me a lot. But he's going to get a big slap in the face if he doesn't stop.
"How are you kids getting along? I don't want stressed out grand children." I dropped my fork and sat there, mouth agape. She just laughed, "Calm down. I'm just joking... for now."
Oh my gosh. She's trying to kill me. James dad spoke up next, "I'm surprised you haven't met before. You're very pretty. Definitely his type." Okay, now I feel insulted. His type?! Seriously? I have way more class. "You're probably very intelligent. Won't stand for his shit, right?"
Obviously, "Not planning to." I looked at James, who winked, and rolled my eyes. "He doesn't deserve me as an opportunity. No offense," I looked from James, to his father, "Your son is a total man-whore."
My mom was shocked, his dad was shocked, James was... amused?! "She's right. I am. But that's why she loves me."
He put his hand on my cheek -causing me to growl- and smiled. I can't stand when people touch me, especially not him. You could now feel the tension between us. "Mom, may I be excused?"
"Wait a second." She looked at James. "You have something you need to do."
He nodded and stood up, pulling me with him. He got on one knee, grinned and pull something out of his pocket. "Isabelle O'Day, will you marry me?"
He opened the ring case and inside? A huge ring with an even bigger diamond. "I..." was all I could get out before I fainted. Son of a bitch.


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