Don't Tell Anyone We Kissed (Book 1) - COMPLETED
Author: Hatewish

Chapter 32
His puppet.



“What’s so special about you?” I asked the plain looking girl in front of me. Under her eyes were dark circles, and her hair was all messed up and knotted on the ends. “So you think you’re strong?!” I cried out, slamming both my fists against the mirror. “And I’m the one who’s weak?” I bit my lip hard, wishing that it would hurt more than the pain I was feeling on my chest.

I sat down on the floor, my hands against my own reflection. “Whatever it is... Whoever it is, huh?” I laughed with tears rolling down on my cheeks. “If you only knew... That as much as I wanted to, I wouldn’t let anyone go between us... I want that too... I want it as much as you do!”

I was awake, wide awake last night... I heard him, I heard him breathing, heard everything. I felt his touch; I felt his arms around me... I was awake... Wide awake... But I couldn’t get myself to open my eyes, couldn’t move my lips to talk, and couldn’t throw my arms around him, all because the moment I accepted Jaycee’s deal, I knew was going to break my promises to Ethan, I was going to betray him even though I didn’t want to.

I was a puppet... A puppet being pulled by strings.


I’m weak.

I’m... Weak...


“I’m you...” I looked at the mirror. “We’re... One and the same, so I’m just as strong as you, right?


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