The Sapphire Stone
Author: Angie0808

Chapter 4
Talk Much? (Yea, maybe a little too much)

   "Uhhh, kai" I responded. He started at me with an adorable confused expression. "I meant hi." I say quickly. Leon smiles. "Oh, cool" he grins. I grin back at him. "So what's your name?" he asks me. "Ummmmm," I stutter. "My name?" "Oh my name!" I smack my head. How much stupider could I have sounded? "Of course," I smile. "It's Leon." He gives me a hard stare, as if he's trying to determine if I'm teasing him or not. I don't understand his expression until I realize what I've said. Staring at him with a huge grin slapped on my face probably didn't help either. "Oh!" I smack my forehead again. "I'm sososo sorry," I apologize. "I meant Charlie." He smiles. "Charlie?" he asks. "Umm.." I say. Speak Idiot! "Charlotte, not Charlie." I smile. Oh no wait..... "No, no it is Charlotte, but you can call me Charlie." I beam at him, trying to cover up for my stupidness. He smiles right back at me. My insides feel all warm and gooey, as if someone baked a chocolate chip cookie in my stomach. "Well, nice meeting you Charlie." he says. I smile, until I realize this means he's leaving.
     No wait! "Do you like cookies?" I ask. Wow Charlie, what a brilliant way to get his number! Asking him if he likes cookies! Amazing! Score one for you. "Ummmm, I guess." he says hesitantly. I can't blame him. I mean, what kind of normal girl goes around asking people if they like cookies? I smile at him, unsure of what to say next. I mean how does one start a convo about cookies? "I like cookies." I say. Oh how lovely. I like cookies. And it's so totally not obvious because I just asked him if he liked cookies or not. even my thoughts were messed up! "Oh, um well that's nice." he says, kinda nervously. "I'm not going to attack you or anything." I mumble. I have to resist rolling my eyes at how completely idiotic I sound. But I really do wonder if he's afraid of me. Any sane person would be. But apparently, he's not sane. "Oh well, I have chocolate chip cookies at my house. Would you like to join me?" he asks. I blush like mad. "Um, sure." I smile. I really hope that nobody's secretly watching me mumble and bumble. It would be mortifying if the next day at school, there was a video of me talking to Leon on the announcements. I look sideways at Leon, trying to see his face. But I wouldn't dare meet his eyes. Who knows what else I might decide to blurt out!
     "Well, we've arrived." he says. I smile. "This is a pretty garden shack you have." I beam. He frowns at me. "That is my house." he informs me. "Oh!" My cheeks turn a lovely shade of red beets (which I hate, by the way). "I meant that little thingy over there." I blush. I normal don't use words such as thingy, but I was desperate for something to say that wouldn't make it seem like I was insulting his "house". "What thingy?" he asks. "Oh, well um, that thingy!" I smile. He looks around, trying to find the thingy, but fails because there is no thingy. Before he can say anything I turn and start to walk over to the tire swing. "I love tire swings!" I cry. "I haven't seen one since the fourth grade! I can't believe you have one!" I rush over to it, plopping down. "No!" Leon yells. "No! Get off!" I feel confused and slightly hurt, but I get off. And that's when I see the spider. "AHHHHHHHHHH! SPIDER!" I yell. "OMG! I GOT BIT BY A SPIDER! HELP! LEON! CALL 911! PLEASE! I DON'T WANT TO DIE!" Jordan, for some weird reason, loves spiders. So he knows them all by heart. AN of course, me being his best friend, knew them all too. Judging by the looks of that one, it was either a black widow or a brown spider. Both very deadly and very poisonous. It was rare for someone to survive their bite. Leon quickly strode over. He took one look at my butt-which made my cheeks burn-and one look at the spider. "It didn't even touch you!" he says, shocked from my sudden outburst. "Oh." I say, my cheeks aflame. "Yes, oh," Leon frowns. "Oh."


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