The Sapphire Stone
Author: Angie0808

Chapter 3

  The dissmisal bell rings, and I walk calmly to the library, where the tutoring sessions are being held. I hope to see Jordan sitting at one of the many tables set up for this. My eyes flit around the room. My heart drops when I can't find him. But I put on a brave face and continue walking. I did promise Mrs. Rogers to do this. I don't want to seem like a flakey or anything. But my heart can't help but drop further when I see the table I've been assgined to. But I smile at the faces of Melina, Brad, Dronie#1,2,3, and their boyfriends.
  "Hey dude." Brad smirks at me. "Hi Brad!" I smile. His falls but only for a second. I spread my textbooks out across the table. "So, what do you guys need help with today?" I smile. "Well dude, I'd like to learn how to punch your face." My smile never wavers. These insults are making me stronger. Because the library had a very important sign on the front door. "Bullies only bully others because they've been bullied themselves. Don't bully others. End the circle". "Brad, I'm sure you would never hit a lady, now would you? After all, you seem so sweet and polite most of the time." I say pleasantly. Brad grits his teeth. Despite how awufully Melina treated me, I knew she would be on my side if Brad hit me. However, if he ripped me homework to pieces, and tried to rip my face off, apparently, she would cheer.
  "Well," Brad said. "If you want to help, you'll have to let me do this." he reached arcoss the table and tore my literature homework in two. "And this." He then pounded his fist against my chem. textbook, and I did't know if he was on steriods or something, but it kinda ripped and shattered. "Stop!" I cry, my voice catching. Brad grins evilly. "Okay." he says. But then he starts to walk over to me. And his fingers curl into a fist. I'm terrified. Is he really going to do this with all the teachers watching? Apparently so. "Stop!" I cry again. But this time I really am crying. Wiping my tears with a fist, I grab my belongings and quickly leave. I can hear Brad and the others laughing behind me. I write a note to Mrs. Rogers explaining what happened, being completely honest. Then I leave. I've missed the bus so I start to walk. But not to home. To the forest, where many of my friends live.
  The walk to the forest doesn't take long. When I arrive, I sit down on the floor and the waterfall begins. Many animals come to investigate the salt water flowing from my eyes, but I am in no mood to play with them. I look at my beatiful surroundings, wondering what it would be like if this were my home. I sigh, and walk deeper into the forest. I walk for quite a while enjoing the peace, when suddenly, my feet slip out from under me. I am preparing to beat the small squirrel who is laughing at me, but I stop. The squirrel did not make me trip. I pick the strange object up, and study it. It is the most beautiful stone I have ever seen. It is a pretty sapphire colour, and the glossy surface glows every time I touch it. "What a beautiful stone!" I say to myself. I run my fingers along it feeling the cold smoothness of the wonderful thing. "Yes, pretty isn't it?" a voice asks from behind me. I scream and prepare to run, thinking it might be Brad. But when I turn around, no way could the handsome man standing in front of me be Brad. His golden curls shimmered in the sunlight. His beautiful emerald eyes glowed with warmth and affection. His tan sun-kissed skin made me dizzy just to look at. And of course his brown short sleeve showed off his muscular arms. He stuck one hand out, put the other in his pocket. "I'm Leon." he says.


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