The Sapphire Stone
Author: Angie0808

Chapter 1
Same old, same old

    BRIIING! BRIIINGG! I rolled over in bed and slapped the top of my alarm clock. I slipped on my fuzzy blue robe and slipped my feet into warm Hello Kitty slippers. I padded over to the light switch and flipped the lights on. I did my usual morning shower and usual morning teeth brushing and tied my hair into it's usual ponytail. Then I splashed water onto my face to make sure there was no overnight moisturizer left on it. Then I padded back to my room and slipped on a Hollister shirt and Aero shorts. I stared at my reflection my the mirror and sighed. Pale blond hair, green eyes, creamy skin, and ten million freckles. Then, I flipped off the light switch and headed downstairs. And then, I turned the t.v. on.
    Nothing new, well except for the "Schools are now cutting off Saturdays stuff." I groaned. In case you couldn't tell yet, I lived in Dullsville. My mom called it Washington D.C. and my dad called it Home of the White House, but really, I knew the truth. The official name was Dullsville. Well except for my older sister. She was Nightmaresville. I couldn't stand living with an obnoxious eighteen year old who was obsessed with boys, makeup, shopping, fashion, and of course, the newest ways to torture her little sister. "Oh joy," I mumbled. "It's The Great Kate." She turned to glare at me. "Don't call me Kate....Charlotte." she threatened. "Whatever." I muttered. My real name was Charlotte Kayvine Silson. But, I never really liked the name Charlotte. It was too....girly. I had just about gotten everybody to call me Charlie. Except for my sister. Not that there was anything wrong with the name Charlotte, but you know, people can hold grudges. My sister's real name was Katherine, or Katerina, but I called her Kate.
    Unlike me, my sister was a total girly-girl, trying to act like an adult. But considering all the parties she went to and all the times she came home drunk....well let's say she's not doing a very good job at being an "adult". I poured myself a bowl of cereal and flipped open my bio. text book. There was a huggeee test today that I needed to get an A on. And then there was soccer. And then there was basketball, and gymnastics, and etc. Yea. Opposite of my sister equals tomboy. That was me! But despite all the sports I went to, nothing exciting happened. I wanted to be a journalist when I grew up, but I if did, I was definitely going to have to move away from here. All the girls AND guys played like sissy's. I'm sorry to say it, but it's true!
   My mom handed me my already packed knapsack. "You don't have to do that Mom, I can take care of myself." I roll my eyes. "I know," my mom starts. "'re still my little girl! And I have to take care of you!" I roll my eyes again. Ever since I had started talking about moving to N.Y.C. to become a journalist, my mom had been extra nice. And clingy. But I was luckier than my best friend, Jordan. His parents abandoned him when he was little. They weren't on drugs or anything, they just....abandoned him. So he lived with his foster parents. But foster parents weren't really the right words. It was more like....."The Wicked Witch of the West" or perhaps, "Evil Stepmother, and Father". At least my mom cared, right? But me and my dad weren't so close. Ever since he threatened to give me in to government custody, well it was kinda like there was a wall of ice separating us. I didn't want to talk to him, he didn't want to talk to me.
   "Studying hard?" my mom asked. "Yeah." I replied. I was a total brainiac. The first time I got a B in grade 9 calculus, I cried for the rest of the day. My sister always made fun of me. But there was nothing wrong with being obsessed with grades and school, right? "Oh hi Charles Studies a Lot!" my sister came striding in. "Hi Prilla Shops a Lot!" I say snarkily. "Girls, please." my mom sighs. "Well I'm off to school," I say. "Bye!" My mom rushes forth as if to stop me. Sheesh, it's not like I'm going to fly over to New York... 


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