I Say Essay
Author: Busy Bubbles

Chapter 4
1918 Howl Red


My name is Howl Red; I am serving my country in this great war. I fear this might be my first and last entry, so here’ goes. The men around are tense, A man went crazy yesterday. The air is full of the sounds of shells. The mud is thick up to my knees, the air is hot, and space is tight.   Oh how much I miss my little sisters and younger brothers! I hope they stay out of this terrible war! My poor mother, alone after father died. How I hope she’s all right!  I miss them so much. The first thing I’d do when I get home is … man that was loud! A shell barely missed us! The next trench was almost hit, a few are hurt. *stains of sweat on page* that’s what I get for going to the western front. Having been here a week, even though the battle been going since last mouth I am worried that I might not get home. Calm down, calm down. That’s what I keep having to do to keep from going mad here! The noises are loud, men yelling both in pain and fear, the shells blowing, and the gun shots, and others I can’t get my head around. The men around me, they, we’re scared, we know it’s only a matter of time before… let’s not think of that. I see them fell over and over! There’s just too much to tell you it all. The atmosphere around is fight until the very end. What I can’t put in words that well is the smells! The blood, the gun powder, and the gases!  The sharpness of the smell blood is every where. Oh how I miss my family! The laughs, the good times, oh and the foods we shared. Oh why did I bring up food? All we have here, is what they call beef, I call it yuck! It’s weird but those rats taste real good. The moldy bread is … well I don’t know if the little ones will read this. Now really if I get home the first thing I’ll do is hug my family, then we well feast! I don’t care if it’s just dinner, I will call it a feast. Now what I do day to day has kept me alive. I wake up, look at the mud I slept in and roll my eyes, stand guard with my fellow soldiers. Tomorrow we plan to go into no mans land and try to break thought. The weapons we use are poison gas, machine guns, and our big mounted guns. The next one over are going to use the same, but we are all waiting on the tanks. With them we might break thought. So I wish my family well and if this is good bye, please remember me.

Your’s truly,

Howl Red





(Just a a school report thing not real!)


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