Don't Tell Anyone We Kissed (Book 1) - COMPLETED
Author: Hatewish

Chapter 26
I promise...



It was already dusk when we reached a secluded forest of some sort, we drove a few miles away from the town, and here we are—in a place I don’t know. “What the heck is runnin’ through your head?” I asked Ethan in a scowl. “Are you trying to get us eaten by some rabid animal? Bitten by a venomous snake? Or maybe get our truck stolen by leaving it there? Which one is it?”

He chuckled as he patted my head like a pet dog. “What’s with your temper today, baby?” He wrapped his arm on my shoulder. “By the way, mom and dad told me that they didn’t need to be fetched, so we really don’t need to worry about the time.”

I kept silent as we walked deeper into the woods; the sky had the tinge of pink and blue already, making the surroundings look darker.

There was a faint smell of something burning, but it wasn’t wood, it was more like wax. “Did you burn the rest of the trees there, to amuse me?” I suddenly said. I was thankful that Ethan was being patient with me, I was so grumpy and snappy—he would mistake me for hating this date if he was the shallow kind of guy.

 “No, baby.” He smiled at me. “Come.” He pulled me up and carried me on his shoulder like I was some kind of sack of gravel.

“What the, have you lost your mind!” I snapped.

“No peaking!” He laughed as he ran towards somewhere—I don’t know, I could only see what he passed through, since my head was literally behind his back.

He stopped running, and in front of me, I could only see our own shadows dancing like flames against the pale light of the sky.

Carefully, he put me down and nudged my shoulder to come look at what’s behind me.

See-through glass jars decorated with pastel colored papers were everywhere, and inside it were tea light candles that lit the land surrounding the old dock. The colors coalesced with the horizon, all I could see was pink, blue, purple, orange, and black, nothing looked out of place. It was... It was perfect.

I walked towards the dock, and I felt something warm and tingly in my chest as I looked at the pink candles floating like water lilies all over the lake. I couldn’t even dare myself to count how many candles were there, and how on earth did he manage to do all of this on a school day.

“Lexi,” Ethan hugged me from behind. “I’m sorry if this wasn’t your idea of a date.”

I was too scared to even blink—too scared that all this beauty that I see would disappear if I close my eyes. “No, I love it, it’s beautiful.”

“But not as beautiful as you are.” He whispered in my ear. “Soon, the sky would turn pitch black, and only the candles would give beauty to this place.”

 “I don’t mind,” I turned to face him. “My idea of a date is... Simply being with the person I love, the other things are just... A plus.” I giggled.

“Finally,” He kissed my nose. “You stopped lashing at me.”

I rolled my eyes and decided to stick my tongue out at him. “I can sit there, right?” I pointed out to the dock extending to the lake.

“Duh,” He laughed.

“How’d you get this done, Ethan?” I asked as I plumped down on the wooden dock.

“I had to skip classes,” He grinned at me. “But don’t tell mom and dad.”

I nodded and hugged my knees close to my chest. I roamed my eyes everywhere, trying to memorize the whole image of the place in my head.  

“You know...” Ethan began. “I’m scared than one day I’d run out of ways to make you smile. This date really had me on the edge last night. I wanted this day to be memorable to you, and to come up with something great was really hard. A movie would be so boring, a dinner date would be so plain, a night with you in an amusement park would be... I don’t know. I just don’t think those things would make you that happy.”

“Hmm...” I smiled. “The truth is, whatever, wherever or however you decide this date to go, I would still be happy. Having you here with me is enough.”

He reached for my hand, so I took it and laced my fingers onto his. “Alexine, when we get back home tonight, mom and dad will be there. We can’t be as affectionate as we usually are, and we definitely cannot just sneak in and out of each other’s rooms as easy as 1,2,3.” He gave my hand a soft reassuring squeeze. “But could you promise me, that no matter how hard the situation turns out... That you won’t give up? That you would stay mine... And that you would not let go?”

The darkness was settling in, and at the corner of my eyes, I could only see the flames inside the jars dancing like millions of fireflies, and in front of me, is the man that meant the whole damn world to me. “Only if you promise me the same thing.” I smiled.

“I promise.” He said.

“Then, I promise too, with all of my heart.” I replied.




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