Don't Tell Anyone We Kissed (Book 1) - COMPLETED
Author: Hatewish

Chapter 24
Will you go out with me?





“What the hell?!” She shrieked.

“What?” I bursted out laughing. Okay, I shouldn’t have laughed, big mistake.

Wham! Lexi smacked my head with her fist, and she was glaring at me like she was going to tackle me on the floor and maul me like a bear. “What do you mean we’ll get to that?!” She shrieked again.

I covered my face and head with my arm, trying to dodge another of her attacks. I tried to bite back laughter as hard as I could, her face was tomato red, and her expression looked like she was stuck between fuck me and get the fuck off me. “I thought you wanted it!” I defended.

“I—I didn’t say I didn’t want it!” She frowned with her lips pouting, the way she always did when she’s upset, but not really upset—but rather I’m-cute-and-yes-I’m-upset!

“They why’d you—“I covered my mouth with my arm and made a coughing sound, still trying to not laugh. “Ah.. Ahahahah!”

She pulled my arm away and covered my face with both her hands. “Cut it out, Damn it.” She whined.

I raised both my hands in the air. “Hah! Yeah, yeah, I’ll stop.”

“You frog.” She mumbled as she dropped her hands on her sides.

“Whaa—frog?” I flashed her a damn wide grin. “I thought I was your prince? Now I’m your butt ugly green frog?”

She stuck her tongue out at me and reached for the doorknob, shutting her bedroom door close.

“Ooh, that tongue of yours, baby.” I teased.

            She mouthed What?! At me, and I raised both my hands again. “I’ll stop, I swear.”

            “Good.” She smiled and jumped face first on her bed, lying down on her stomach.

            I was about to follow her, but she raised her hand and pointed a finger at me. “Light! Turn it off.”

            “Yes, ma’am.” I bowed and obeyed.

            She looked at me with her head toppled on the side, and her hands balled up near her mouth. She looked like a cute little cat. “Turn the lamp on, puhleez.” She said sweetly.

            So I did. “Anything for you, my princess.” I lay down next to her, and kissed her on the forehead. “I love you, Lexi.”

            “I love you too, Ethan.” She murmured.

            I watched her in amazement for a while; in my mind I was wondering why I was given a sister this great...  A woman I couldn’t help but loving this badly.

            “Say, Lex...” I cleared my throat. “Will you go out with me?”

            She looked at me with questioning eyes, and I realized that everything about us was just... Unclear. “Our first date... You say?” She rolled to her side, so we were next to each other face to face.

            “Yep...” I tucked her hair behind her ear, and then gently ran my fingers down to her cheek. “Just a little something, before mom and dad gets home.”

            “What if I say no?” She smiled warmly.

            “I don’t care,” I smiled back, maybe I could use that date to get everything about us clear. “I’m not gonna ask you anymore, I’ll just force you to have that date with me tomorrow.”

            She snuggled closer to me. “Fine, then we’ll have that date.”

            “Tomorrow it is,” I embraced her tightly. “Meet you up after school, ‘kay?”

            “We always do...” She whispered.


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