Don't Tell Anyone We Kissed (Book 1) - COMPLETED
Author: Hatewish

Chapter 23
Shh, we'll get to that.






“Baby cme hre, if yre done.” I typed on the message box. “I mis u alrdy evn thou I was wt u mnutes ago :] .” I sent it to the first name on my phonebook, and immediately got back to doing my Strategic Planning homework.

After a minute of trial and error on mapping creative strategies, my phone beeped. “Y dnt u come ovr 4 a change? Gimme memries in my own rum, hehe ;)”

Before I could even pick up my pen, I received another message. “Haha, srysly, r u dne w/ hw?” I tapped send again.

And this time, I really couldn’t put my phone down on Lexi’s last text. “Yep, cmere. U got hw wt me. ;)” This homework could seriously wait until tomorrow to be done. I dropped my pen and left everything on my study table as it is when I dashed out of the door.

“You didn’t finish yours, did you?” She said with a grin. Lexi had the door of her room wide open, and she was leaning on the doorframe with her arms folded across her chest.

“It’s not due tomorrow.” I reasoned out.

“Ah,” She giggled. “Then, come in.”

She waited for me to enter her room first, but I meant what I sent her awhile ago. I missed her, terribly. So as soon as she was beyond my reach, I wrapped my arms around her waists and leaned down to kiss her lips.

It felt comforting to be able to have her close to me. The familiarity of every inch of this woman was like home—a place where you get to be who you really are, a place that you leave on some circumstances, but at the end of the way its where you come back to. “I missed you.” I murmured in her mouth. With those words I could feel her melting in my arms, like she was handing over every bit of her strength to me.

Lexi was pulling on my shirt as she pressed her lips against mine, dragging me inside of her room without saying a word. I let myself be dragged, but that was it, I wanted the authority on this one, so I pushed her against the wall.

I ran my tongue along her lower lip, making it damp. “So much...” I breathed into her lips.

She wrapped her arms around my neck. “Kiss me more...” She murmured without pulling away from my mouth.

I parted her lips with my tongue while I rubbed her back in a slow yet eager manner. I could feel the rise and fall of Lexi’s chest getting faster, and her touch was getting more and more vigorous.

I gave her lower lip one last nibble then I went down and drew spirals all over her neck with my tongue. Soft moans escaped her lips, she was asking for more—I could tell by the way she tilts her head so I could have easier access to her neck.

I explored her body further, and that was when I noticed that Lexi was getting excited herself. Her nipples were stiff, damn it I could see and feel it through her dress—she wasn’t wearing any bra.

I slid my hands under her night gown, cupping her soft breasts with both my hands, squeezing them slightly. I kissed the nape of her neck down to her cleavage, and started rubbing both her nipples with my thumb.

She gasped and flinched a little, but I didn’t stop. “Uh, umh... Eth—Ethan...”

“Hmmnn?” I kissed her chin and looked her in the eye, still not stopping. “What is it baby?”

“F... Ahh... F-fuck...” She bit her lip and looked back at me with feverish eyes.

I hushed her. “Shh, we’ll get to that.”


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