Don't Tell Anyone We Kissed (Book 1) - COMPLETED
Author: Hatewish

Chapter 22
Start talking.






“M’kay,” I mumbled. “Start talking.” I unfastened my seatbelt so I could face him. My chest felt tight, and the beating of my heart was so violent that it felt like it was smashing the walls of my ribs.

He pushed the hazard button and stopped the car on one side of the road. If I was to count the seconds before he turned to look at me, I’d bet it was 3-4.

“Lexi, I’m sorry.” He cupped my chin with his gentle hands. “Sorry that you had to go through a night without my exquisite cooking.” He grinned.

“Exquisite my ass.” I said through my teeth. “You left me to starve, you partying—you—YOU!” I glared at him, knowing that I couldn’t argue any more than that.

“But you got some explaining to do, too.” He dropped his hands on my lap. “Why’d you get sent on the office yesterday?”

I placed my hands on top of his. “I sort of coached Irvine on something, and the teacher got mad.” I admitted. “But really, it wasn’t a big deal. The Dean said so too, Humphrey was just in a bad mood every day.”

He made a sigh of relief, but it was good while it lasted. He tensed again. “You’re not going out with Miles, are you?”

“No.” I said without even thinking. “He’s my best friend, and you know that.”

“Collins—“He tried to say.

But I had to interrupt. “Bryan Collins literally had his hands all over me!”

Ethan’s eyes widened. “What did you say?”

“He mugged me in the hallway, not to mention he lifted my fucking shirt and almost ripped my belly ring off.” Ethan’s hands left my lap, and for some reason I wanted to snatch his hands and keep it tangled on mine. “So... Irvine dislocated his jaw.”

“He what?” He sounded a little lost.

“Damn it, Ethan. Where’s your head at?” I nearly shouted at him. I felt like he wasn’t paying attention to me at all, I don’t know... Or maybe it’s just me being paranoid.

“Sorry, I get it.” He looked away from me. “Good thing Miles was there...”

“No one was supposed to be there,” I said hastily. “And no one saw.”

“I’ll talk to Bryan.” He pushed the hazard button again and started the truck. “He’s been saying a lot of things to me back in the party, not that I believe him of course. He’s dating your friend too.”

I huffed. “Yeah, that double crossing whore.”

He suddenly grabbed my chin without even looking at me; his other hand was still on the steering wheel. I gasped for no reason, his touch was... Gentle... “Your words, baby.”

I sighed. “Sorry...” I held his hand and kissed his fingers. “Claire’s been actin’ all weird on me right after that party.”

“We both know why.” He mumbled almost inaudibly. “That girl’s got attitude.”

I know, I couldn’t agree more.” I smiled weakly.









Yea, I've read all the books including the latest, Angel.

Damn I hate it, I sorta think that Fang is really goin' to replace Max with Max II!

But anyway... Fang is mine, so I dun' care who ends up with who. HAHAHAH :)))))

Have any of you guys read Daniel X or Witch & Wizard

or was it Witches & Wizards (Idk... ugh.)? It's also by James Patterson.

I'm planning to buy it, but I'm not sure if it's as good and interesting as Maximum Ride.





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