Don't Tell Anyone We Kissed (Book 1) - COMPLETED
Author: Hatewish

Chapter 18
Boys will be boys.







I swung my feet back and forth, trying to amuse myself while Irvine does the boring ritual of cooking. “Hey, how many minutes more?” I asked.

He pointed the big wooden spoon at me. “If you get your ass down that table, little lady, and help me with this, you wouldn’t have to get bored while waiting for your meal.”

I raised both my hands in the air. “Whoa there, even spoons could kill.”

He sighed and shook his head. “Xine, don’t you want to learn how to do some things on your own? I mean...” I can’t believe that punk Irvine in an apron was lecturing me on the things I should do. “So that you wouldn’t have to be so dependent on Ethan.”

He has a point there though... “I don’t know anything about recipes, or the do’s and don’ts about which ingredients to use.”

Irvine placed the wooden spoon on the table. “There’s a book called ‘cookbook’, Xine.”

“I don’t have any.”

“I’ll... Find one of mom’s old ones.” He said as he watched his fish steam in the pot, as if it would cook faster with him staring at it.

I hopped down on the table. “Thanks, I’ll have those later.” I said, pointing out on the small pile of cooking utensils that he used.

The fish was beginning to smell awesome with the mixture of herbs, it’s been quite a while since I’ve tasted Irvine’s cooking, and I’ve forgotten how much of a good cook he is. “Smells nice, Vine.”

He winked at me, and I felt myself blush. “Crap, stop that.”

He chuckled teasingly. “You should have called me to come back to school; I would have walked you home.”

I remembered Jaycee, the way he... “Ah—about that—Jaycee drove me home. Ethan asked him... I think... Co’z he said something about volunteering.”

“Oh, what’d he do?” Irvine asked. What did he do? What the hell was that question all about?

My eye brows furrowed. “What did he do?” I repeated.

“Guys don’t volunteer for nothing; you’re not that innocent to know that.” He looked at me, and I just felt the need to start spitting out stories about what happened earlier. Damn that Irvine, his eyes are like hypnotic blackmailing orbs.

“He told me that he likes me, told me that I was beautiful, and asked me to date him.” I admitted ruefully.

“And?” He asked again.

I stepped back, trying to find a chair that I could hold on to, but I nearly tripped when my back had hit the corner of the table. “Ow!”

Irvine smiled at me, but I knew him well enough to know that he was scared to hear my response. “You told him no, right?”

I half smiled. “Of course.” For some reason, I looked away as soon as I said that. Am I being insincere to my best friend? But... I really did say no to Jaycee. It’s just that... “But he insisted on asking me again, no... He said he was going to wait for my answer.” Irvine gave me an empty bowl.

“Isn’t your answer already no?” He washed the vegetables that he took out earlier. And I wasn’t too much of an ignorant not to recognize the green leafy thing as a lettuce, and the small herb-like as parsley, the orange long one as carrots, and the red round ones as tomatoes. “Slice this up,” He said, pointing out to the carrots and tomatoes. “You can just tear the others by hand.”

“Yeah, I said no. But I don’t think he’s the one to take no for an answer, that crush he had on me has been going on for like forever.” I sat down and started tearing up the lettuce by hand, putting it all on the empty bowl.

“Ah.” He said, handing me a knife.

“Wait, a while ago you were saying that I’m innocent?” I still asked, though I think it was pointless.

“You’re a virgin, Xine.” He turned to look at me, but my eyes fell on the bottle of extra virgin olive oil that he was holding.

“And that is... Bad?” I fought the urge to laugh at my private joke; after all, the topic is serious.

“No, that’s why you don’t ride on some guy’s car just like that.”

I began slicing the tomatoes. “He’s Ethan’s best friend.”

“You said it yourself, he’s Ethan’s best friend, not yours.” I nearly jumped out of my chair when he half-slammed the bottle of oil on the table.

I stopped slicing so I could glare at him. “So, you’re saying that I really should have called you instead?” I nearly shouted.

“That’s... Not my point.” He turned away from my stare so he could check on his fish, which was probably done because he turned the stove off.

“Then what is?” I tried my best to tone down my voice.

“Boys will be boys, Alexine. You can’t just trust everyone who tells you they like you.”

“Alright, I’m sorry, my bad.”

“Don’t get me wrong, Xine.” He said calmly. “You’re the one who asked me to stop getting ourselves into trouble, which means I’m not allowed to beat up some guy who messes with you. You’d have to turn to your brother about that, from now on.” He sighed inwardly. “I don’t even know why I’m stuck doing all the fights.”





A/N: Okay, so the short chapters are pretty 'abusive', just like how Kalifornia Gurl said it. Hoho ~ Well, that's just how things are. >:) *evil grin* !!

 Thanks for supporting this book guys, I really appreciate it. I know I'm not that much of a good writer, but I'm hoping to improve, and I am definitely willing to improve so I could provide you better story lines, clearer details, etc.

 Happy reading ~  (^_^V


♥ Erine




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