Music Saves My Soul
Author: Kalentra Night

Chapter 20
Messed Up

Just because he may push me,
and laugh as I fall to the ground,
I ignore my friends who tell me,
Let go of this love you've found.
But who can stop such passion,
Who else can dim my pain?
Who else can sate my hunger,
to need and need again?

The fact is I am falling,
In a different direction every night.
And no matter how soft or hard,
My fall is an unforeseen sight.
And while wind rushes past me,
and I struggle to conquer fear,
While my body is out of control,
There is one voice I hear.

The voice comes from somewhere,
Unseen by my abused eyes,
And he stays silent for a moment,
And just listens while I cry.
And I know for just a while,
The falling has been stopped.
Because for a single moment,
I've finally been caught.

In the hands of an innocent,
One who knows no horror.
My eyes wide open with shock,
And I desperately lean forward.
Because this boy whose caught me,
Whose dimmed my everlasting fears,
Is someone I can only hope for,
In everyone of my own years.

And since I've finally found him,
This boy in front of me,
I seize the chance to ask him,
Please will you set me free?
And he smiles oh so sweetly,
And that scares me to the bone.
Until I finally realize,
That he is offering a home.

Treated like an animal,
Abused over its lifetime,
I feel so very delicate,
With this boys hand in mine.
But he has only patientce,
And I have nothing to compare.
His smile is always offered,
And mine always comes off as scared.

And when this boy asks me,
Whats wrong, are you okay?
I offer with that weak smile,
I'm glad I seized that day.
I'm glad I didn't let you go,
And that you love me too,
And if you didn't catch that.
Honey, I love you.

And if you're wondering,
Where I am today.
I'm still trying to figure out,
How I seized that day.
Why would someone so smart,
So sweet and so kind,
Take on a case,
As messed up as mine?


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