Don't Tell Anyone We Kissed (Book 1) - COMPLETED
Author: Hatewish

Chapter 14
Something that Irvine really deserves.

Alexine's POV





I paused in front of the cafeteria, but Irvine didn’t. “I’ll meet you up at the back.” I shouted, hopeful that I’ll find him there later—that he won’t skip the rest of the class to mope. He was always like that; he knew the best hideouts to disappear from the world that he claims to hate, not to mention comes up with the best excuse for suddenly walking out of your life for quite some time.

He didn’t even stop to look at me, nor did he say Yes, I’ll see you there, so I walked straight to the cafeteria with the hopes of seeing a decent menu.

“Early lunch?” The lunch lady said. The lunch hall was still empty because the lunch bell hasn’t even rung yet.

“Yeah, pop quiz, aced it.” I lied, not that it mattered though. “Uhm, two of that please.” I pointed out to the probably edible four layered clubhouse sandwich. “And two packs of apple juice.” Seriously, even a bowl of fresh salad has its disadvantages if it’s our cafeteria you’re talking about.

“No wonder y’all girls are stick-like.” The old woman frowned. Y’all think it’s lovely to look at.” I shoved everything inside my bag as soon as I was done paying, beauty tips from the lunch lady isn’t really what I needed right now.

I ran until I reached the back of the gymnasium building, leaped through a thick row of bushes, and crawled under a human-passable gap under the dead electric fence. Just past the cluster of trees that served as a curtain barring the huge patch of land was Irvine and I’s favourite place. It led through some sort of field, and at the far end of it was a lake. Nobody ever comes here, except for us of course. There weren’t any signs saying that it was either private property or the government’s, so we kind of claimed it as our own spot.

I felt relieved as soon as I caught a glance of his midnight black hair against the white sunlight. He must have been waiting for me, since the slightest noise that my sneakers made had him looking in my direction.

I smiled. “Did I take too long?” I said as I walked towards him, tossing my bag under the shade of the tree. “The lunch lady must have been having a bad day.”

“Uh-huh.” He mumbled as he closed his eyes. I watched him snuggle comfortably under the tree with his backpack, wondering why he was acting like I wasn’t even there. Not that it was only today that he prioritized his sleeping more than me.

“Okay, what’s wrong... Irvine Jared Lazel Miles?” I asked.

It took him a while to respond that I thought he was asleep. “I’m sorry for causing you trouble.” He opened his eyes, his pale gray orbs shedding the slightest emotion in them.

I chuckled, not to ridicule but to shake the cold atmosphere off. “Don’t worry about it.” I rummaged inside my bag and handed him his sandwich and juice pack. “Gobble up.”

The awkward silence was still there, so I had to chip off as much ice as possible to bring that cold wall down. “No, I changed my mind. Be worried about it, so you wouldn’t do it again.”

He looked—no, he glared at me. “What, I shouldn’t protect you anymore?” He was halfway done with his sandwich, and I barely touched mine. Damn, he was a fast eater.

“No, that’s not it. You scratched your sexy ass in Classic Literature and told everyone about it, then you just made Zeus a skateboardin’ ballerina, not to mention that it got us both sent to the Dean. And yeah, you just punched a pervert right on the face.” I tried to sound as authoritative as possible. “But for the punching part, I thank you for that, but still, let’s try not to get ourselves into trouble, shall we?”

He looked so serious—well, for a little while. “Sure thing, mom.” He laughed.

“Douche.” It was my turn to glare at him. “But...” I immediately reckoned. “If someone asks, let’s stick to the ‘I punched him’ idea, or the one that sounds more convincing—he was so drunk he fell face first.”

Irvine crumpled the sandwich plastic. “Since when did you become my princess in shining armor, Alexine Iris Ainsworth-Graymark?” He threw the balled up plastic at me, hitting me on the forehead.

“Since you started growing backwards, Irvine Jared Lazel Miles.” I spat. “Keep your records as clean as possible if you still want that scholarship of yours until graduation.” I wanted to tell him that having no guardians available other than his stale headed brother isn’t going to help him get another decent school. He should just be thankful that he had an actually great functioning mind despite his stoic attitude, not to mention that he’s an angel-faced hell of a trouble maker. “You’re just lucky you don’t get caught!”

He laughed again, that weird laugh that he makes with his low and always serious voice. “Hmm, yeah, and I also made a promise that we’d graduate High School together.”

I cocked an eyebrow and continued chomping on my sandwich. I actually forgot that promise, but it was good that he still remembers it. Somehow it could serve as a goal for him or something. Something that could give him a better life than what he has now, something—something that Irvine really deserves.


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