The Neighbor Wars
Author: K.M. Paxton

Chapter 0

               The entire courtroom stared shocked in horror at the person at the stand. Slowly the person began to speak in a low voice, chin raised high, eyebrows raised: showing no shame.
               "Yes, I did it."
               The rigid lawyer with long hair in a tight bun scrunched up her nose and sighed. "Please elaborate. State exactly what you did."
                "Fine. Alright. I killed Jason Greene."
                A collective gasp echoed through the room, followed by a few short sobs and hushed whispers. The person simply stood there, scanning the crowd, wearing a bright orange jumpsuit with their hands cuffed behind behind their back. The person pursed their lips as the judge rustled some papers and spoke.
                "Anything else, Ms. Lawrence?"
                "The prosecution has no further questions, Your Honor. We rest our case," she retorted immediately, pushing her wire-framed glasses up her bony nose.
                "The jury will now debate their decision."
                 Ms. Lawrence rushed back to her binder full of miscellaneous unorganized papers and shuffled through them hastily as the defense's lawyer rested his head on a neat stack of binders, clearly knowing his client had no chance.
                 Twenty long, quiet, painfully awkward and solemn minutes passed, the courtroom's loudest noises being the man in the back dropping his pen. The people exchanged quick whispers before someone from the jury shakily stood.
                 "The jury has reached a verdict, Your Honor," one of the jury members anxiously called out as the others stared at the floor.
                  "Go on," prompted the judge, waving his hand impatiently.
                  "The, uh, jury finds the defendant guilty of third degree murder."


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