Music Saves My Soul
Author: Kalentra Night

Chapter 19
The Sad Emo Girl

Even when I miss you,

Even when I care.

When I want to love you,

I know you're not there.

When I want to hug you,

you push me away.

Even though it kills me,

I love you every day.

Unreachable by me,

just like all the stars.

My love for you and them,

Uncountable by far.

Even if you hurt me,

And you know you do.

Even when the cuts show,

I'm quiet 'cause I love you.

And sometimes though,

I know it scares so many,

My cuts are self-inflicted,

And yes, there are plenty.

And the knife through my heart,

Which I cannot pull out,

Will stay in there forever,

And I don't have a doubt.

I don't need this drama,

Just like you dont need me.

I don't need this pain,

Far as I can see.

One day I'll stop loving,

But it'll stop my heart.

And they'll lower me in the ground,

But thats when it will start.

My life will begin on the day,

The day that I die.

Because this sure isn't living,

'Cause everday I cry. 

And sometimes they fall,

The tears just fall like rain.

And they wet the cuts,

And it causes some more pain.

And then I cry some more,

'Cause my soul is shattered.

And I hope the bruises fade,

I feel so torn and tattered.

Even the sound of sweet notes,

Music floating through the air.

That cannot even help,

Cannot even repair.

The damage to my life,

Is unfixable by many,

And the one who could fix it,

Doesn't love me any.

'Cause if he gets a soul,

If he regains his heart.

If he pulls out this dagger,

My life would restart.

And I would be happy,

Until the day I die.

Instead of being happy,

Only when that day arrives.


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