Don't Tell Anyone We Kissed (Book 1) - COMPLETED
Author: Hatewish

Chapter 13
Fake blue eyes.

Alexine's POV





            I walked out of the Dean’s office with a smile. As soon as the door slammed shut behind me, I felt my jaw ache for having to fake a smile for thirty minutes straight. “So what if I coached you? It’s not like my lightning bolt words had anything to do with your Swan Lake recital.” I mumbled in irritation.

            Irvine frowned, his usual expressionless eyes transforming into those adorable puppy dog eyes. “And I thought we were good friends???” I rolled my eyes and gave him a playful punch on the shoulder.

            We were halfway down the corridor when someone felt the need to create a scene. “Whoa, Miles, what’d you do with Graymark?” It was Bryan Collins, a senior from Ethan’s class. “Bet you two got caught for making out in the stock room, eh?”

            My eyebrows met in the middle, and I felt Irvine tense beside me, his expression caught in something like deer stuck in the headlights and I’m a very hungry tiger stalking his prey. “Fuck off, Collins.”

            “Ignore him.” I whispered as I pulled the hem of Vin’s sweatshirt. “Let’s go.” I felt relieved that he obeyed me this time.

            We walked away from Collins who was loitering on the hallways nonchalantly like he was the hall monitor or something. I glanced at my watch; it was almost lunch time and I was starving. “Let’s grab something to eat.”

            “Hey Graymark,” The jerk just doesn’t know when to back off, but I still stopped to look at him, curious if he was going to say something other than my best friend and I’s trip to the Dean’s office. “I assure you,” He grabbed me by my shoulders all of a sudden that I tumbled backwards, causing me to crash against his chest.

            Irvine stared at me with his pale gray eyes; his fists rolled into a tight ball. “If you go out with me instead, we ain’t gonna get caught. I’m slick as a criminal, babe.”

            I tried my best to pry his arms off me, but I failed. “Yeah, pretty smooth, ass wipe. Now, let go.” Well, the name calling earned me a laugh from the jerk. And I was sure as hell that he was drunk because he had that horrible reek of alcohol in his breath.

            “You heard her,” Irvine warned in his scary calm voice. “I suggest you get your hands off, now.”

            I wanted to tell Collins to save his drunken ass and runaway like his life depended on it. I’ve seen Irvine lose control of his anger, on how his eyes looked sharper and colder than the usual, and how his lips who rarely gave way to a smile had the relentless frown in it. He looked like that now.

            “Bryan, let go. It’s not funny.” I flinched as he tightened his arm on my neck instead of letting go.

            “Jealous, Miles?” Bryan was tugging the rim of my shirt, and I started to squirm to hold my shirt down so I wouldn’t have to bear getting stripped naked on Whilstmore’s corridor a minute before the lunch bell rings. “Your girlfriend sure is purr-tey, mind if I borrow her for a while?” He raised my shirt up, and it got caught up on my belly ring. I wanted to scream my head off, but I tried to restrain myself or else I’d end up back in the Dean’s office.

            Irvine blurred in my view, but I knew he was there because I felt him secure a hand on my waist. Crack! I nearly toppled over as he swung his fist at Collins—where he got hit I didn’t know, but he definitely got something broken or dislocated.

In the next couple of seconds, all I could hear was the series of cursing and swearing. I stiffened. “Irvine?” I hugged him on the waist, my stupid attempt to make him stay in place and not get us into more trouble. I had enough for one day.

I glanced at Bryan, whose face looked pissed as hell, with his lips cut and bleeding. His jaw must have moved a little to the right... Shit.

I pushed Irvine ahead of me. “Let’s get out of here before somebody sees—“

Oh my God!” I cringed as I heard that slutty voice that had me wanting to go on a killing spree a couple of days ago. “What happened to my baby?” The bitch squealed.

“Hey loser!” Claire came towards us, looking like a dim-witted duck in her five inch stilettos. “Just what did you do with my boyfriend?”

“Loser?” Irvine yawned. “Yeah, whatever.” He turned his back against Claire and motioned me to follow.

“Don’t turn your lowlife back on me, Irvine Miles!”

“Zip it, Claire.” He turned to look at her. “Why don’t you teach that boyfriend of yours to exclusively point his dick at you?”

I wanted to laugh at that, but I didn’t. Ugh, I hated being nice.

“Bryan isn’t like that!” She squealed again. This was starting to get annoying...

“Oh, so maybe I just felt like punching him for no apparent reason.” I mumbled.

“What? You punched my boyfriend Lexi?” Her eyes widened, that fake blue eyes of hers that I wanted to pluck out.

“No, we were just passing by, and I think he tripped face first.” I lied. “Take him to the nurse’s office or something.” I pushed Irvine on the shoulder, shoving him to turn around and start walking.


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