Author: Lacey Raine

Chapter 22

 Adam was porcelain white and shaking. Evidently he'd had just as bad a day as I had; he was covered in new bruises and was sporting a fresh shiner. I almost couldn't breathe for the pain, but I hid it well; once you learn how to put a mask on pain like that, you never forgot. While Blain and Ben were talking in the other room, I gave Adam a hug and kissed his forehead.

"Okay, hon?" I asked, squeezing him gently.

"I will be," He said. "You look much worse off." He scanned my face and bare upper half and winced.

"I'll live," I shrugged. I lowered my voice. "You sure you're okay?" He nodded. "Listen, you just do whatever Blain says, when he says it and he'll not be too rough." I said. "I think he quite likes you anyway."

"What?!" Adam scoffed quietly. "He hates me."

"Nah," I shook my head. "I mean look at you, you're adorable. And between you and me, Blain has a soft spot for cute things."

"What, like kittens and stuff?" Adam looked amused.

"Exactly. Babies too," I smirked. "I'll tell you now, you've not seen a weirder thing until you've seen Blain Hart talking baby-garble to some random kid in the street then complimenting the mother on how gorgeous it is."

"Really?" Adam laughed.

"Really." I nodded. "Never judge a book by it's cover, dude." I grinned and sat down on the floor.

Adam sat beside me. He leaned against me and sighed. "Does it really get easier, Jonah?"

"Of course it does," I said, putting my arm around him. "Just like everything else. Get's easier with experience."

"Blain... Blain said you did a runner. That's why you haven't been around. Is that true?" He asked.

"Mm." I mumbled, blushing.

"Why did you come back?"

"Because..." I sighed, desperately trying to come up with a reason. "Because... it's rough on the streets. At least here, I have a roof over my head."

"Oh. It's just... I was considering running myself," Adam looked down at the floor. "I... hell, I'll even go back to my uncle. He used to kick the shit out of me."

"Can't be much worse than a kicking from Blain  or Ben or Davey," I remarked.

"It wasn't. If anything, it was easier," He rested his head on my shoulder. "I mean... when I was there, I had friends to help me get through things. I bet they're all going crackers, wondering where I am."

"I got scared about that at first as well," I said, giving him a squeeze. "I'll be surprised if my old friends still remember me."

"I don't want them to forget me," He said, horified.

"They won't!" I said, quickly. "Mine did. Everyone forgets about me withing a couple of days."

"How could anyone forget you?" He tutted. He kissed me on the cheek. I patted him on the head.

"Easy. When you're just a cheap hooker with no proper home people tend to not want to think about you." I shrugged.

"But you're more than just a prostitute, Jonah. You're amazing," He said. "You've changed my life."

"Has he now?" Blain was in the doorway suddenly.

He looked at me, eyebrow raised. "I'm popping out later. But enlighten me, Adam. How has Jo-Jo changed your life?"

"I just... he er... he makes me smile," Adam shrugged.

"Ah. That's nice," Blain cooed sarcastically. Then he glared at me. "What the fuck have you been saying to him?"

"Nothing," I said. "Nothing, I was just telling him... he's not to worry about pulling tricks, 'cause the more you do it the easier it gets."

"Yeah, you'd know about that," Blain scoffed. "Slut." I looked down at the floor, unable to find the words to react. Blain sneered. "You're fucking pathetic. I'm going out."

And then he left us.


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