Don't Tell Anyone We Kissed (Book 1) - COMPLETED
Author: Hatewish

Chapter 12
The one with the lightning bolt!

Alexine's POV





“Claire?” I rolled my eyes. “She went M.I.A on me after getting hot with my brother.” I shivered as the memories of that night flashed in my mind.

            “So little sister’s jealous?” Irvine teased as he fumbled inside his locker, searching for something—books maybe. I’m not even sure if he has school related stuff inside that locker, every time I walk with him here I only see dirty pairs of shoes and a couple of empty junk food wrappers inside it.

            “Nah, I have my own advantages, every day.” I grinned as I tried to fix his wind-whipped-bed-whacked black hair. When I caught up to him on the main building’s entrance, he looked like he was chased by an ostrich. He was a mess, as if Cairo turned Irvine’s alarm clock off, causing him to wake up late.

            He frowned. “You’re getting your hot ass in trouble, Xine.”

            “Vin, if you need something to put your notes on, I’ll lend you a notebook.” I slammed his locker door close, almost trapping half of his fingers inside.

            “Whoa! Chill. Are you some kind of mind reader?” He laughed. “Hand me over something to write with too.”

            I guffawed, hitting him in his arm with my fist. “Did Cairo eat the contents of your bag or somethin’? You actually went to school with that huge backpack, yet you don’t have a pen or a notebook?”

            “Shit happens, baby.” He put his arm around my shoulders as we walked, his drunk-like staggering made us look like crack heads on the hallway. “Good thing you’re there, or else I’m doomed.”

            And maybe Irvine was right on that part, that I was—maybe—the last person in his world that was keeping his feet on the ground. He was the next person to Ethan that I wouldn’t mind mugging me. He was now my only best friend, since Claire practically ditched me because of you-know-what.

            “But, Xine.” He pulled my head closer, whispering in my ear as we walked. “I’ll always be there too, if not, I must have overslept. There’s always tomorrow for you to bug me with your blabbing.”

            “I know.” I smiled at him. That’s good to know, I thought.

            We walked into our first class, which is Classical Literature with Mrs. Humphrey. Irvine and I sit next to each other, which I partly loved, and partly hated. Loved, because who wouldn’t want to sit next to their best buddy in such a boring class? Hated, because the class was boring, and Humphrey knows how to make her students suffer. Sitting next to Irvine in a class that needs thorough listening and understanding—is synonymous to having a hard time on concentrating, tons of nerve racking distractions, and yes, a scowl from the professor, or an F on your class card.

            I handed my notebook to Irvine; inside it was my pink fur tipped pen.

            “Can I borrow your pencil instead?” He said in a low voice with that lopsided smile of his.

            I bit my lower lip, trying not to laugh as Mrs. Humphrey roll calls for the attendance. “What, it’s cute.”

            The moment she was done with everyone, she turned around and immediately started writing on the whiteboard.


Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Apollo, Artemis, Aphrodite, Ares, Dionysus, Hephaestus, Athena, Hermes, Demeter, Hestia


            My eyes widened as I saw the names of the Greek Gods on the board. I sort of prayed that she wouldn’t ask us to choose a name and act it out. “Dear God.” I mumbled.

            “She’s not gonna make us act it out, would she?” Irvine had horror written all over his face, and I tried to make sure that it wasn’t written in mine. Humphrey loved a good scare, it was always Halloween in her class, well, not really, on some days its more of a funeral especially during exams, and long quizzes.

            I extended my legs to the side, kicking him on the ankle with my foot. “Shh!” I hissed. Even though it wasn’t just us making all the unwanted noise, it wouldn’t hurt to be a little careful now, right? My best buddy just looked at me with a shrug.

            Our professor scanned the room, looking at all of us above the red frame of her glasses, her lips were pinched to a snarl. “I azzume that you all knaww who these Godz a’rr by naww.” Damn, she sounds like a pirate in her weird accent. “Az to thei’rr contribuzzeon, and thei’rr purrpoz, CHOOZE ‘UN AND ACT THEM AWWT!”

            I smirked, not because I was confident to humiliate myself by my poor acting skills, but because Humphrey would choose those who had a big question mark looming just above their heads, the clueless ones, and the ones who looked like they want to excuse themselves for the remaining days of the semester.

            The whole class was so silent that I could hear Irvine doing something—“Yez, Mizterr Milez?”

            My smile faltered as I turned to look at Irvine, Irvine Miles. “What?” He asked stupidly.

            “Chooze ‘un God.” Mrs. Humphrey said.

            Irvine made waving gestures with his hand. “No, no, I wasn’t going to volunteer. I was just scratching my ass; it felt so great I almost stood up.” Almost everyone in the class coughed, I bet they were trying their best not to laugh out loud.

I choked on my own breath, and hastily shook my head as soon as our eyes met, wordlessly telling him to just stop talking before things get worse.

“I’m sorry for the misunderstanding Mrs. Humphrey.” He said again.

I sighed.

“Get ya’rr itchy butt in f’rront Milez! Befo’rre I zlap the hell awwt of yeea!” She yelled as she pointed a finger to Irvine, as if she was going to pull out a loaded shotgun underneath her long floral skirt.

“Zeus, the one with the lightning bolt.” I whispered as soft as possible, but audible enough for Irvine to hear.

He scratched his head violently with obvious irritation; he looked like he was going to scratch his scalp off with the situation he was in. “Fine, I’ll do Zeus.” Humphrey stepped back, letting him have the whole platform to use.

I forced a smile as Irvine glanced at me; I am so not a good friend if I wasn’t going to encourage him.

            “HOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!” He made a loud god-awful sound that I wanted to hide under my table. “WUSHUNGGGG!!!!!!!!” He bent his left knee forward, stretching his right arm as if he was reaching something.

            Oh my God...

            “LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGHTTTNIIIINNNNNGGGGG!!!!!!” He sprung in the air, real high, because he was skilled on flipping-shits with his skateboard. It would have looked cool if he didn’t do anything else other than that jump, but I guess he felt the need to invent another Godlike move. “BOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLTTT!!!!!!” He landed on his right toe, his other leg tucked under his dumb ass, while both his arms were up in the air like he was a freaking punk ballerina.

            I rubbed both my temples. Just now, I discovered that I was clairvoyant; I could see the future—me having a migraine after class, and me beating up my best friend.

            Oh my God...

            “G’rraymarrk and Milez in the offizz! NAWW!”

            “WHAT THE F—“I shrieked. “WHAT’D I DO?”







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