the world within me
Author: Ella

Chapter 26
first love

first love

upon the bridge of lust
i see those sweet young couples
their eyes filled with love
oblivious to all peoples

i saw him there that day
his smile enchanted me
but how could i know if he
was the one i should see

to meet him face to face
to understand his heart
i knew he was my love
we could never be apart

his features a handsome painting
his smile as bright as sunshine
my heart began to race
a gentleman so fine

i wanted to go up and love him
ignoring the whole world
to break what i promised
and be a free girl

yet still i saw a man
so much less than whom i love
his clothes dirty and ragged
nothing was he worth

his eyes dim and dull
almost closing and lifeless
i stood by and watch
his death came first

his was sure a nobody
no one i would like
i saw him as a thorn
a painful annoying spike

about to take the step
to hold the handsome man i found
but this ragged one
held me down

he reached out his hand
and cried with one line
please don't turn away
for you were never blind

don't ignore my promises
give your life to me
for all the breaths you take
and everything you see

your dreams that lift your heart
will only break mine
if you leave me today
for that man so fine

he held out his hand to me
but how could i love him
i knew he loved me back
yet foolish it seemed

surely i only wanted
the handsome men of this lands
but then upon the servant savior
i saw his nail pierced hands

sometimes we fail to put Jesus as our first love when we find our life long partner.


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