Author: Lacey Raine

Chapter 20

 When Jonah came back into the room about an hour later, he had rope burns all up his arms and scars (I assumed from handcuffs) on his wrists. Despite telling me not to cry, he had tears in his eyes. He sniffed as he sat down beside me, and forced a smile.

"Hiya," He said. "You alright? I saw Blain got his belt off..." He indicated the scars on my arms. I shrugged.

"I'm sorry if I got you into trouble," I said. "D'you reckon he'll be mad at you?"

"Probably," Jonah shrugged. I didn't understand. Okay, maybe Blain wasn't the tallest guy around, or the strongest. But he could be bloody inventive when it came to punishments. I'd only known him a month, and already he had me tortured into doing whatever he told me to do. He came back into the room just as Jonah sat down. He sat beside him.

"Drink," He ordered, placing a larger can in front of Jonah. "Apparently you aren't as much fun sober."

"Yes, sir," Jonah put on a stupid voice, shy and coy in an almost girlie way. Blain cleared his throat.

"Well. Haven't you got a kiss for me, then?" He said, taking Jonah's face in his hands.

"Sorry, sir," Jonah giggled, shifting closer to Blain and kissing him passionately. They kissed fo three minutes solid. I just sat and didn't know what to do, twiddling my thumbs in my lap.

When they eventually broke apart, Blain ruffled Jonah's hair. "Atta boy," He said, before walking back out of the room. Jonah scrubbed his lips furiously with the back of his hand.

"Ew," He said. "He's been smoking. Ugh. Cigarette lips do not taste good, I'll tell you that for nothing."

"Why d'you talk to him like that?" I asked, confused.

"He likes it. Makes me seem younger. Weaker," He shrugged. "Which makes him look more in control in front of his mates. That's why I call him sir as well."

"Oh. I never thought of that," I admitted. "How're you not scared of him?"

"I am," Jonah shrugged. "Terrified. Every time he speaks, every time he touches me I just... I wanna cry."

"Wow. You're a good actor, you know that?" I said. The door opened suddenly.

"Oi!" Blain called over. "Blondie! C'mon. Upstairs. And don't let him defend you on this one." I didn't dare argue.

I went upstairs to the open door. I stepped through it then closed it carefully. There was a guy- I'd say mid-thirties- sitting on the edge of a bed. That's all that was in the room; the bed, and a chair. As well as him and me. And something in the corner, which I didn't dare ask about. I scurried over to him.

"You must be Dorian?" Dorian Anderson, that's what Blain had me calling myself.

"Y-yes, sir," I said. He pushed his hands down on the back of my head suddenly, forcing me to look at my feet.

"Keep your head bowed when you talk to me, understood?" He snarled.

"Yes, sir," I said. Don't cry, Adam. C'mon, don't cry... I'd ran away from my uncle's house because he was beating me. I'd take that over this anyday.

The guy told me to take my clothes off. "All of them. I like my bitches naked," He winked. I didn't particularly like being called a bitch, but I didn't argue. "Lie down on the bed. On your stomach." I did as I was asked wordlessly. He went off to the coner and I heard something beep. Suddenly, I knew what it was. Shit, he was going to video this? I hated having to be a prositute, but being forced into making a porno as well was even worse. This guy came and sat on the bed next to me and strarted touching me.

Tonight was going to be a long night.

Benjamin took me home at about four o'clock. I was exhausted. He stroked me as we lay on the bed together. "Hey. You up for a bit of fun?"

"Er..." I was so tired my eyelids felt like lead and the whole bottom half of my body hurt like hell. But I knew better than to say no. "Sure, what were you thinking?"

"Let me show you..." He propped me up on his elbows above me. I wasn't getting much sleep tonight then.

When Ben eventually finished with me, I fell asleep almost instantly. I knew Ben's arms were wrapped around me, and steadily working down from my stomach, but I didn't care. I just needed the sleep, and I needed it bad.

I woke up just as it was starting to get light. Ben was already up, though I didn't know where. I lay on my back, contemplating whether or not I should get up. Then I heard the door open. "Adam?" Ben peered at me. "Good, you're up."

"Morning," I swung myself up and out of bed. Ben held his arms out.

"Gimme a kiss, then," He said. I walked over to him and stretched up onto my toes to kiss him. Wow. He was in a good mood today. He smiled down at me. "Blain wants you tonight." I suppressed a groan.

Kill me now.


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