Author: Lacey Raine

Chapter 18

 Jonah was late.

It'd been around nine-ish when he went out. It was midnight now. I was getting worried about him. This was why I'd insisted that I should buy him a mobile- but he wouldn't let me. And after what had happened the other night, I was worried about him. After sitting and worrying about him for ages, I finally got my act together and went out to look for him. I walked round all the places he normally went, I even went back to the place where I'd first found him in the park. I couldn't find him anywhere.

Desparingly, I left the park. I heard a familiar high-pitched giggle and whipped my head round. Jaya was staggering along on skyscraper heels, hanging onto some boys arm, surrounded by other giggling friends. "Jaya?" I said, raising one eyebrow.

"L-Luke? It is you! Lukey boy!" She laughed.

"Are you drunk?" I wrinkled my nose. She giggled again.

"Little bit, yeah," She said. "Don't tell mum though!"

"I won't," I said. "Hey, have you seen Jonah?"

"Who?" She screwed up her nose.

"Jonah... you know, Jonah Carter, my roommate?" I said.

"Oh! Jo-Jo you mean?" She said. "No. Can't say I have, not tonight. Why? Has he done a runner on you?"

"Er... no, I've lost him," I said. I didn't want to think he'd done a runner on me, but maybe he had?

"Oh. Well, I hope you find him. Bye-bye, oh brother of mine," She laughed again then staggered off with her friends.

I made a mental note reminding me to never have kids.

After an hour and a half's searching, I gave up and went home. I went straight to the cupboard under the sink and found the bottle of wine Mum had bought me as a flat-warming gift but I'd never actually drank. I wasn't a big fan of wine, but I didn't care. Something Jonah had once said to me rang in my head The drink helps stop the pain... And that's exactly what I wanted it for.

The room was spinning. Who was doing that? Oh wait. It was me. I laughed, a high pitched giggle and stood up. "Whoa," I slurred to myself. "Headrush." I laughed again. Then I saw the small something on the coffee table. It was black leather. I picked it up. This wasn't my wallet. My wallet was brown. I picked it up. I opened it. I pulled out the photos inside it. I screwed up my nose. Jonah. The fucking traitor. Bastard. Two-faced, backstabbing wanker. How could he do that? Tell me he loved me, actually make love to me, then just up and leave me without a warning? I looked at the picture of him. He had a white, rolled-up spliff in between his fingers and a dazed, faraway look in his eyes. He was high, I knew that. I dropped that one back onto the table, tears running down my cheeks, and looked at the next one. A very handsome younger Jonah in a school uniform smiling into the camera with innocent youth. I dropped that one too. It was the last one that made me sick.

Jonah and... whosit? His fuck buddy. Blaire or Blake or something stupid like that. That's probably where he was right now. Shagging this smackhead chav in a car or behind a skip somewhere like the cheap little slut he was.

No wait. That wasn't fair.

Yes it was.

He'd ditched on me, after all. I screwed up the photo, threw it down beside the others, and collapsed, asleep, onto the sofa.  


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